This is a group for doodles that love hiking and outdoor activities with their owners!!!
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  • Does anyone carry a dog stretcher with them on hikes?  I'm curious of what style and if you ever had to use one or any experience.  We had a 68lb dog hurt her foot this weekend and were discussing possibly getting one and I noticed there are several types.

  • Hey, I didn't know this group existed! We hike all the time with our Meetups Dog Friends group. It was a great way to meet people (dog people) when we moved into the area.

    If anyone is in the SW Utah area maybe you can join us!
  • Does anyone else have problems with their doodles feet in the winter?  The snow builds up and annoys him, so he licks his feet which only makes the problem worse.  We hike a lot and around home I can keep boots on him, but he's not nearly as sure footed when hiking with them.

  • This is my daughter, Sarah, with Coby on a hike at what used to be a golf course next door to our home; it's now open as walking trails, and it's lightly used enough that many of us dog owners are able to enjoy some off-leash time!



  • hi guys, i would love to hook up with any of the doodles on the west coast!
  • any Greater Puget Sound hikers?? I'm out every day on the local trails with the dogs (Cougar/Squak/Tiger Mt and many other nearby trails).
  • We're in Ohio!!! (But would rather be in Florida or out west!!!)
  • We're in New Jersey.
  • What part of the country is everyone located ?
  • Chili is such a trail pup.. He is never happier than hiking in the woods with his human.. and the deer , squirrel maybe his friend, Lab Joe..
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Good age to hike 4 or so miles

So my pup will be 7 months in about a week and I wanted to know if it would be okay if I start taking him on some more difficult hikes. I hike with him every weekend (on different terrains and everything) but I never go the full way. I usually stop at almost mid point then head back. He never really seems too exhausted to where he can't walk anymore, so I am wondering if I could start taking him on longer hikes now. I love to hike, so I can't wait until he is able to go the full distance with…

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Good places to hike with your dog  I bought one of their books ( Pittsburgh version. They have a bunch of books, mainly covering North East areas of US. ) a while ago, and it has been so helpful finding really good places to hike with Charlie!  The book makes me want to travel to other places, possibly out of state, just to hike with her.

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New doodle aches & pains

I'm wondering if alot of new doodle owners start to have new muscle pains, like i'm now experiencing.  I used to do alot more running last year (plus yoga stretches) , but now i think walking 2 doodles , and holding them back (usually) and run/walking forward has started to work (wreck) different muscles of mine.   Should i do any special Pre doodle walking streches?      Feeling twice my age here-

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Best gear out there?

Hi all! This is a great group idea. Bernie will be 1 this June so we're really excited to get out there on some overnight hikes and camping trips.I'm wondering if anyone wants to share their "must have" gear?I've heard some people say boots are a must, and others who have hiked with dogs for years without problems; there are backpacks, harnesses, portable beds for camping, dehydrated food, so much stuff. We bought a backpack but he doesn't carry anything yet, I've heard it's best to wait til…

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