Serenity Springs Labradoodles

Name of Breeder?
Serenity Springs Labradoodles

Location of Breeder?

Orland, CA


Australian Labradoodles

Breeding Dogs and Puppies live in the home and not in a kennel, out building, garage or outside?


Was home and property clean and pleasant?


Where you allowed to view health records and testing for the parent dogs or other dogs owned by the breeder?


Were the dogs well groomed?

Were the dogs well behaved and obedient?
Yes, everyone was happy and sweet as can be.

Was at least one of the parents on site for the visitation?
No, the mother had just gone home to her guardian home.

Why did you choose this breeder?

Location, timing, and the fact that some of her proceeds go to charity.

Would you buy another dog from this breeder again in the future?

We went to visit our litter of puppies when they were 6 weeks and I was very impressed with Jo (the breeder). The puppies were in a wonderful set up in their kitchen with access to an adorable outdoor play area with a variety of surfaces and toys. I saw the whelping box in her office and got to meet some of their adult dogs which were all clearly happy. The puppies were active, curious, happy, and healthy looking.
One of my favorite things about this breeder is her live puppy cam. I can watch the puppies all day long (our son's favorite activity right now) so I get to see them eat, playing with people, playing with each other, etc. I have a sense of their environment all day long. She also makes weekly updates on Shutterfly with photos, weigh ins, and videos so we can watch their progress. When I was doing research, I appreciated being able to look at all her past litters in great detail.
Last thing I will say is how great she has been to work with. Our son has some strange allergies and he reacted to a dog one time so Jo had been very supportive of our need to test our son's possible reaction to the puppies. 
We pick up our puppy in a week so I will update once we have the little guy.
UPDATE: We got our puppy a week ago and I can't say enough good things about Jo and Serenity Springs. I asked for a mellow people-pleaser and we got the sweetest, most mellow little guy I've ever seen. Vet gave him a perfect bill of health. Amazingly, he also hasn't had a single accident - he is already ringing the little bell to go out. We couldn't be happier!

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