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  • HA! that's so funny :) snorkeling doodles :)
  • Hi Gail,
    The Dutch girls love the water. But we can't say they are actually swimming. They both like to keep their feet on the ground. Bente likes to snorkel. She can stay under for at least 20 seconds :-) And when she raises her head out of the water she looks ... ehh :-( Is that my Doodle?
  • I'm wondering how many of you have your doodles swimming? We don't live near a body of water so ours are pretty much landlubbers :)....just curious....
  • Hi Babette! This is great isn't it? I loved the photo of Bente and Noa :) they are so so sweet...sisters! My little dutch girls :)
  • Hi Gail,
    Thanks for your invitation. How nice that you have a page on Doodlekisses. Olga and I already have a page too for our Doodle Club. I saw the pictures of the puppies of Ellie Mae with their bows. They are georgious.
    Love, Babette
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