This is a group for all those with Puppies under 2 years old. I thought it would be a good time to get to know one another, share fun moments together, as well as the tough training moments. We puppy parents must unite! If your pups under 2, JOIN!




Welcome and introductions:  come on and say HI! We love photos!


Popular and important threads for new puppy owners:

Tips for New Doodle Owners - Great starting place for new doodle owners.


How do I stop my puppy from Mouthing/Biting/Nipping? (this thread has a link to at least six older discussions about mouthing, etc. -- replying to this discussion can help centralize all the good feedback about this very common subject. I have just added some of the newer discussions to help update the topic)


What do I do if I have"Pick of the Litter"?- (or how to pick a doodle!)




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  • Hello everyone looking for tips on how to stop my golden doodle from mouthing.
      Doodle puppy nipping and other naughtiness!
      Puppy biting, jumping, and more!
  • how can i join this group? Thank you
  • With the new format perhaps if you posted in the group you’ve joined. Scroll
    Down to the bottom and click follow
    • It won't let me post under discussion and none of the links in the intro box work :(
    • It won't let me post a photo to show you. but where it shows Discussions to the right, at the top is Add a Discission How about under that little wheel - right/almost top. It might ask to join the group because mine says leave the group.
    • Mine doesn't have an "add a discussion". To be clear, it's only for this group because I was able to join the Food group. I also watched the tutorial video on the new format.... oh well, I'll just add comments on this group if I have any questions/concerns. Thanks though!
  • How do I join this group? There is no "join us" button :(
    • I reported it. I’m an old member and i
      really do not like this format. It’s not user friendly.
    • Thanks!! Appreciate it.
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