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hi guys!

new to the forum, been lurking for weeks tho!! 

This is Lucy.

she is a standard goldendoodle, with a 75 lbs standard poodle father and a 65 lb Golden retriever mother!! 

she turned 3 months old today and she weighs 19.9 lbs and as of now, she is solid black...with that “blue” hue to her skin. Her coat is fluffy and minky soft!

any predications on her size? Coat? What she might look like??? When will I see her Really start to grow??? 

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What a beautiful pup. Great picture. We have a black shih tzu and it’s hard to photograph black. Our Kate is a labradoodle and she was around 20 lbs around 4 months and she’s 52 lbs now. I’d say Lucy will be 70 pounds at least.

Thank you!! It really is hard to get pictures of them!! 

She looks a lot like my boy Lincoln! He also turned 3 months old today! His coat looks pretty similar to Lucy’s. I think they will both have that nice wavy, traditional doodle coat. Not too curly, not too straight. A great group to join is “from pup to adult.” You can browse to see lots of others making coat predictions and updates on their doodles as they grow. Look for older doodle pics that look like yours and that will probably give you an idea of what Lucy might look like. It’s also just a fun group to browse :)

Heres a picture of Lincoln so you can see how similar they are. He sometimes looks like he has a lot of grey but he is still pretty jet black. I hope he stays that way! 


He is adorable!!! He looks like such a big boy already!!! Thanks for the tips, I’ll be joining that one ASAP!! I love seeing how Goldendoodles grow! 

She is beautiful and my prediction is that she'll be pretty curly as an adult.  The general rule is to double their weight at 16 weeks plus/minus about 5 pounds.  Because doodles are mutts, unlike a pure breed dog, size isn't as predictable. With her doodle parents' sizes, one would tend to think that she'd be about her mom's size, however a 75 pound poodle is a HUGE dog, so translating that to a doodle  - well she could also be really large.



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