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Hi All,

Our amazing sweet Pepper just turned two years old on Tuesday.

She is so sweet, smart and calm.  She is a people pleaser and just loves to hang out with you.  She also loves other dogs and having a playmate.

We are thinking of getting another goldendoodle from the same breeder where we got Pepper.

Does anyone help with any thoughts or things I should be thinking about regarding getting another dog?

Pepper loves playing with other dogs, but is there anything I can do to make sure Pepper is happy and okay with a sibling?  What other things should I consider or do before getting another puppy?

Thanks for any advice or thoughts! I would really appreciate it!

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Congratulations.  Random thoughts:

YOU need to be prepared that you will not be having a Pepper repeat - whether her puppyhood was easy or hard.  :-}   The puppy will probably pick up things faster because it will have a role model. 

Pepper will most likely be very tolerant of the puppy but the puppy will bug and bug, so make sure they have separation whenever it gets too much - maybe crate time for the puppy? Perhaps set up an ex-pen in a a room and put the puppy inside when you can't watch the two dogs.

Remember that puppies are babies and need naps or they get overtired and misbehave.

At some point Pepper will tell the puppy off - let her and don't stop it. This is how puppies learn boundaries.

Sometimes take Pepper  somewhere and leave the puppy home and then reverse it.  You want two self-confident dogs that don't have to be together at all times.

Great points Nancy.  My daughter's  puppy,Koda is very playful and my yorkie,Khloe being older sometimes goes in her crate or jumps on the back of the sofa to get a break. She also barked at Koda which made Koda go lie down and take a nap.  I don't understand dog behavior but my Khloe must have told Koda to go behave.  So far Koda seems to get the point .  By the way they are both females and get along fine.

I also put Koda in her crate so she could simmer down.  She  was really playful today.

It sounds like they had a good day.  Khloe is a good role model.

Hannah, I just did this!  My Zoey turned 2 1/2 yrs old, so I thought it would be a good time.  The first day was OK, but the next day when she realized that he was staying, she didn't want to eat.   (However I saw her steal a little of his kibble.  The same kind she wouldn't eat!  lol)  He does pester her, but she also scares him sometimes with correction.  It's going to take awhile.  

One thing I forgot was how LONG you have to stay outside before they potty, and how often they go!!  Hopefully I'll get a picture of them together one of these days. Here's Zeke:

That's one good thing about having an older dog.  They can serve as a role model.  It helps with behavior and potty training if they get along.  Some people say that two females can't get along but this is my second experience and it works fine.  But in both cases my dogs weren't aggressive types.

We had planned on getting a puppy when Luna was 8 but she didn't reach her 8th birthday.  Not waiting that long this time, especially since Bernese have such short life expectancies.  Luna would've been a great role model.  Riley, the jury is still out but she is improving!

Nancy pretty much said it all.  We have nearly always had two dogs at the same time. If you can afford it, I say go for it.

Two dogs has a lot of benefits for both dogs and their people. As Nancy said this puppy will be different than Pepper - in some ways easier and in some ways harder.

Let us know if you do get another puppy. 



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