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Welcome to puppy madness! I think it would be a great idea to all post a little about yourself and your doodle. Photos are ALWAYS welcome.

Thinks you might want to share:

1) Your Name/Doodle Name 

2) Location

3) Doodle type (goldendoodle/labradoodle; mini/standard; F1/F2)

4) Doodle age/weight

5) Photo

6) Anything else

Would also be great to come back here as your doodle ages to respond to your comment and post updates for age/weight/photos etc.

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Hi  Our names are Susan and Mark and we are a retired couple living in Ontario Canada.

We have a 9 month old F1B medium Goldendoodle named Finnigan and he weighs 40 pounds. We don't think he will get much bigger, He is so calm, intelligent and friendly. Getting a doodle was one of the best decisions that we have ever made.

Last week we bought a 10 week old Petite Goldendoodle and named her Fiona. She weighed 4.6 pounds when she came home and now 10 days later she weighs 6 pounds. She was the smallest puppy in the litter but she is growing rapidly since she came home.

They are getting along quite well but occasionally we have to remind Finnigan to be gentle with his wee sister. We are hoping that they grow up together and become best friends.


1) My name is Lisa.  We are still working on a name for our puppy, who comes home on March 11th.  So far the top contender (my daughter's choice) is Sunny.  I told the kids we could officially make it "Sunny D" and give her a middle name that starts with a D  ;)

2) We live in Southeastern Virginia

3) F1 English mini goldendoodle

4) I have no statistics yet.  The breeder thinks she will end up in the 30-40 lb range as an adult.

5) Here is a photo of our cutie:

6) We are new to raising a puppy.  This site, and in particular this group, have already been tremendously helpful!

Hi everyone! Now that that our puppy has been with us a few weeks, I realize I need to be in this group!

1. Kim / Honey

2. Long Island, NY

3. Medium F1 Golden Doodle

4. 11 weeks, 15-ish pounds

5. Here she is: 

Loving life with this pup so far! 

1. Ms lady
2. Las Vegas
3. Aussiedoodle
4. 6 months/ 40lbs
I am a first time puppy mom. Ms lady loves to run and romp in the water.

My name is Kristy and live in North Mississippi. Rex is my 7 week old f1b Goldendoodle. He weighs 8 pounds and we will bring him home in 12 days!!! We are thrilled!

This is Benny, who came home Saturday to Connecticut. He's 8 weeks old/ 5.7 lbs and can go from crazy running around to sacked out asleep in under a minute.


He is super cute!

So cute!

I so enjoy the pictures of the new pups. Each one always puts a smile on my face.

My thanks to so many fir sharing.

1. Courtney and my doodle name is Ozzy
2. TN & SC
3. Mini Multigen Goldendoodle
4. 10 Weeks. He weighed 7 lbs. at 8 weeks old.
5. I am a first time pet parent so everything is new for me. Ozzy has discovered the love of tennis balls, chewing on the furnisher, sniffing the kitchen floor and nipping and biting EVERYTHING.


1. Russ

2. Ontario, Canada

3. F1 mini goldendoodle

4. 4 months today (6/14/2017) and 8.8 kg (19.4 lbs)

6. We are very excited to see that he is starting to doodle out!!


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Greetings from Midlothian va. My name is Roy and I am retired from USPS. My wife Connie and I will travel to Maryland Saturday to pick up Maggie. We are very excited. We currently have a 8 year old male shih tzu Ares. This could be a challenge because Ares is not very social but he is great with my grandchildren. My son brings over his goldendoodle sometimes, Ares wants no part of him. I am determined to make this work.
Have a great day, Roy
I'm new too!
1-Kathy B/Ruby Skye
2-Northern Cal, Sonoma County
3-F1 Mini GoldenDoodle
4-9 months old/14 pounds
Retired and loving it!



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