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Welcome to puppy madness! I think it would be a great idea to all post a little about yourself and your doodle. Photos are ALWAYS welcome.

Thinks you might want to share:

1) Your Name/Doodle Name 

2) Location

3) Doodle type (goldendoodle/labradoodle; mini/standard; F1/F2)

4) Doodle age/weight

5) Photo

6) Anything else

Would also be great to come back here as your doodle ages to respond to your comment and post updates for age/weight/photos etc.

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I'll start:

1) Carla

2) Central Pennsylvania

3) GoldenDoodle

4) 20 months/61lbs

5) One of my favorite photos

Amazing photo and very cute doodle :)

Great Picture!

Adorable picture

Wow, this is awesome. 

Great picture!

Beautiful pup and photo! I know this post is old but What beach is that?

Great picture and sweet Doodle! What a place to live/visit!

Aww <3

That is a beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing!


this is one of my favorite photos as well.

Fantastic picture. She should be named Stormy in this photo. We are enjoying spring time in Texas!




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