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So my puppy definitely gets motion sickness and vomits when in the car. On the way home from the breeder the day that I got him, the breeder mentioned he might throw up in the car. He did, 3 times. It was 2 and a half hour ride, and he was so little I figured no big deal. 

A few days later I took him to the vet to get established, and he was fine on the way there but puked on the way back. Started to get concerned. Put it on my list to bring up to the vet next time. 

Next car ride 3 weeks later, he throws up once on the way to the vet, and FOUR times on the way back. It was a nightmare. He was covered. He was honestly just dry heaving towards the end. I felt horrible for him. Definitely carsickness.

My vet had said to give him meclazine, to start and try taking him for short rides and increasing the time (still with meclazine), and to not feed him before a car ride I know we’re going to take so he doesn’t have a full stomach. But having him be on medication his whole life to not vomit in the car would be Pretty inconvenient. You’d have to plan EVERYTHING. No impromptu trips to the park, or rides in the car, etc. 

Did anyone else go through this with a puppy, and more importantly, do they grow out of it? Or is this a lifelong thing? Anyone advice from people who also went though this would be much appreciated! 

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Lachlan was like this when I brought him home at 9 weeks but eventually grew out of it. As soon as he was able (had all of his vaccinations), I planted his wee butt on the (well-covered) front seat of my car ... something I hate to do, but it really seemed to help as he could look out the front window and see where we were going ... and started taking him on frequent short trips to fun and interesting places. The park, puppy classes, pet stores, Home Depot, Lowes, everywhere I could think of to take a pup where he could see and do and smell and meet interesting things. I never did medicate him; just washed a whole lot of blankets. By the time he was a year old he was able to ride comfortably in the back without tummy issues. 

Your mileage may vary of course, as they say, and I wouldn't hesitate to medicate him in the short term if that helps him to acclimate. 

I'm glad yours outgrew it! I'm hoping mine does the same! I'm crossing my fingers that as he gets older and the more he gets used to it, the better he will get until it's totally gone. I'm definitely feeling more hopeful now though! Thanks for your advice and response.

My Maisie was like this in the beginning, she's now 8 months and does pretty good now. One thing that has helped both her and my older girl I find where they are in the vehicle makes a big difference. I have a Chevy crew cab truck and i've lifted part of the back seat and placed a dog bed in the floor. If both girls are low on the dog bed they are fine. I also find Maisie has to lean on me but she's getting better at not having to.  

Botton line I think it depends on the dog, my second foster was horribly car sick and i'm not sure that's ever changed?

Not sure if it really works but someone once told me they gave sour jellybeans to their pup and it stopped the car sickness?? Lol

Hoping you find something that works.

I've only had him in the back as that's where I'd like him eventually, but maybe i'll try him in the front to see if it helps and gradually move him back. Something to think about! I'm hoping he will outgrow it- feeling optimistic after the responses! :)

Maggie used to get carsick too as a pup.  She eventually outgrew it...I think around 9 mos, but it was definitely before 1 year.  She's a year and a half now and she goes EVERYWHERE with me....LOVES the car.  Fingers crossed your little one will outgrow it too!  Hang in there.  (PS - All weather matts were amazing, I would just hose them off when I got home). 

Yes I have weathertech mats in the front and back seats. I also have the seat covers in the back which were initally for avoiding scratching my leather seats but have worked wonders for easy clean up! What a life saver! I'm glad yours outgrew it and I'm hoping mine does too! Thanks for the input!



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