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Hi everyone, my 4 months old mini golden doodle puppy Joy is beginning to loose her baby teeth and it seems like she is in pain. She stays low at energy and sleeps more than usual. My major concern is that she is loosing appetite and is not interested in eating her kibble which she willingly use to eat and get excited for just a week ago. I tried to soften her kibble by adding some warm water and mixing in her favorite soft treats, but she just picks out treats from the bowl and leaves out the rest. 

Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can help her eat and like her kibble again ? (I feed her orijen puppy formula and switch it sometimes with wellness core puppy formula).

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Post this in the food group. I’m sure will have a few insights for you. 

Unless there is something wrong, she'll eat enough.  Her gums might be sore.  Just think of us losing our baby teeth - uncomfortable for a bit, but we get over it just fine.



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