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The precious little squirts were two weeks old yesterday — six weeks to go! Don’t know which one will be coming home to me . . . 

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It's SOOOOOOO hard to wait!

It is so exciting.  Well the time will fly.  We are waiting for my daughter's prospective furbaby to be born next week.  They all look adorable. It's amazing that with doodles you never know what you are going to get.  With my yorkie and bichon, we knew what colors the babies would be.  Doodles are full of surprises.  You can't look at the mama or daddy and say they will be this certain color!!!

How true! I believe both the labs and the poodles can carry so many different color genes . . . I have a friend who is a breeder and I think she can usually tell what color possibilities there are but of course a surprise always seems to pop in!

When we were researching bernedoodles I looked up a bit about colour genetics... fascinating stuff, especially with multicolored dogs.

Riley's breeder for example knew all her litter would be black and white bicolor but the patterns were a mystery.  Interestingly there were 4 girls and 4 boys and each girl had a "twin" brother with a similar colour pattern.  It was a fluke but still neat :)

Her next bernedoodle litter should have some tricolor pups, I believe they have to use a poodle with the colour fading gene for that.

Each one is just precious!  (And So is mama) What is the breakdown of color and sex? Just looking at them, are you drawn to any one of them over the others?

1 female: chocolate

1 male: black

3 males: chocolate

3 males: apricot

i’m really keeping an open mind and heart since I’m pretty low in the selection pecking order!

So adorable! How on earth will you choose????

I’m something like #7 on the list for 8 puppies so my choice will be minor. The breeder did tell me that the list almost always changes from ‘birth’ day to selection day so I may move up a bit. Between week 5and 6, the breeder sends out videos of each pupand a little narrative about what she has observed about each puppie’s personality, behavior, etc. That narrative will be my guiding light? Good breeders know their pups from their vast experience with pups. I am looking for a pup that I can train as a therapy dog so I would look for behaviors that would fit with that kind of a role . . . I think this’s are all the right words but truth be known, i’m clueless about how I will select! 

I think you will end up with the perfect puppy for you. I’m so excited for you. 

Here's what my apricot shepadoodle (German Shepherd poodle mix) looks like at one year...have fun choosing your baby!





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