Doodles come in so many colours and sizes. What a lot of people wonder is: what might my puppy look like as an adult? This is a group, mainly pictorial, to show and discuss how doodles progress from pup to adult.
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A picture is truly worth a thousand words...

This group is a place for you to "showcase" your doodle's development from puppy to adulthood. The idea is to have a good collection for everyone to enjoy, and for new or potential doodle owners to get a sense for how doodles develop and change. Other photo ideas and discussions are welcome too (i.e. the before/after dreaded shavedown; pointy snouts; rat tails; odd fur; etc.).

You are welcome, and encouraged, to post your doodle's progress in the form of a discussion. Include as much information as possible so everyone can understand your doodle's characteristics.

For those of you wondering how to add a picture, there is an icon at the top of your discussion box that looks like a picture - the "Insert Image" icon. Click on that and follow the instructions. You may need to resize your photo that appears. You can do this by clicking on the photo to make the drag bars appear and then "click and drag" to resize.

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  • Hi guys! Am I seeing facial furnishings or no? Will Cooper doodle?
  • Hi! I got a doodle back in March, he’s adorable and my cousin has his half sister, (same dad, different mom). My doodles hair has more wavy/curled ends straggly hair and her coat seems more dense not as curly. Any predictions on how he’ll look when he is older. Pics would be greatly appreciated!! :) I don’t know how to add pics… I don’t see an icon :(
    • Check back later. Sometimes the icon disappears for a while. It’s missing right now.LOL
  • Hi all! I am new to the group and can't quite figure out how to start a discussion (I've followed everyone's instructions below, I'm following the page, I still can't seem to find it), so I'm commenting here. We picked our girl River up Friday and we are so in love! She is a Labradoodle (mom) and Goldendoodle mix.

    After joining this group, I am so curious what she is going to look like! I know she is more doodly looking in the face since her head is so curly, but I'm wondering if you guys think she will have furnishings? I'm thinking she may have an open face. As far as her coat, she is not really curly or wavy, just poofy. Her fur is super dense and thick, almost wooly.

    Does anyone have a pup who looked like our River girl?

    Pic 1: 3 weeks
    Pic 2: 6 weeks
    Pic 3: 7.5 weeks
    The rest are 8.5 to 9 weeks.

    Also - please no comments about her runny eye. She does have entropion which was diagnosed a few days before we got her. Our breeder fully informed us and this was made right by her. We are absolutely in love with her personality and decided we will get the eye taken care of. We have a consultation at our vet for it tomorrow. :)
  • Hello! I’m new here. I see “comment” in a red box where I am posting now but do not see add discussion. I have followed this page and all others as instructed to others. Am I missing something?
    • Go to where it says Forum under the group name. Click on that. Then click on the + then write your discussion
    • Thank you
  • There are still members in the group, people really only post if they have photos to share and it's more of a resource showing the progression of different puppies. If you scroll down below the comment section there is a "+" with Add Discussion at the top right of the discussion section.
    • How do I become a member of the group so I can post?
    • Look under the group name From Pup to Adult. Click on Forum. Click on add a discussion. You also have to scroll down to the bottom of the group and the bottom of the disucssion and make sure it says Following - if not click on it. The problem with this new format is that you have to to that with every group as well as the main page discussions and blogs or you don't receive notification about posts. It is something many don't know about so not everyone sees posts any longer. :-{ I screen shot to add photos so you could see where to find what I described but it won't let me add photos. Grrrr.
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Adult weight predictions?

Hi everyone!Everyone I meet when I am out with Danny keeps asking me how big he will get, and I have no idea!  He is approximately 47 lbs at 6 months old.  Does anyone have any guesses based on their own dog's growth?  I am very curious to know the answer myself!Thanks so much! 

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4 Replies · Reply by Rachel Nov 24, 2019

Coat Predictions for Theo

Hi!Theo is 8.5 weeks old with a very soft fluffy coat. He is lightening up in some areas from the darker red he was born with. I do see some furnishings, even my young daughter mentioned he has a little moustache /beard and and see some up by his eyes too but we have been constantly hearing how he looks like a Golden. I feel like his furnishings are more obvious in pictures vs. in person for some reason.  His ears and forehead have the slightest bit of wave. Do you think he may have a…

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Will Polly Doodle?

Polly is a 15 week old F1 goldendoodle. She was very scraggly with more wirey hair but lately has been much softer underneath her puppy hair. What do you think about her coat predictions? Does she have improper coat gene? We had another F1 goldendoodle that passed away this past year at 12 years old and her puppy coat was much fluffier and she was a big, fluffy, wavy coat that we loved so dearly so we are curious as to how Polly will turn out.…

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F2 puppy - will she doodle?

Hi all, this is my very first post!Our new F2 Irish Doodle puppy (Summer) comes home in a week, and I am like a kid on Christmas morning regarding her coat type. I chose her specifically looking for a red, unfurnished coat, but I'm getting a little nervous and could use some hand-holding. Yes, I understand that most people who seek out a Doodle do so because they want the non-shedding, constantly-growing hair type that comes with the furnishings gene. That's just not my story :)I helped raise…

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