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Truman's Coat

Just picked up my F1 standard labradoodle Truman yesterday, he's just over 9 weeks, so far he's been great, but I just wanted to get some opinions on what his coat might look like. I'm pretty sure I can see furnishings already coming in on his face &

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19 Replies · Reply by Bonnie and Kona Apr 22, 2020

Adult weight predictions?

Hi everyone!

Everyone I meet when I am out with Danny keeps asking me how big he will get, and I have no idea!  He is approximately 47 lbs at 6 months old.  Does anyone have any guesses based on their own dog's growth?  I am very curious to know the a

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4 Replies · Reply by Rachel Nov 24, 2019


Hey everyone! I've posted about my 17 week old puppy named Gus before but he's changed so much in the last few months. He is now getting a very wavy back and tail but still has no furnishings on his face. Has anyone had a puppy look like him before!?

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1 Reply · Reply by Tara Nov 15, 2019

Angus coat predictions

The breeder we adopted Angus from posted weekly pictures and videos online  from birth. It’s been so fun seeing the changes from week to week! He definitely has furnishings. His coat is very fluffy with some waves on the top of his head, neck, front

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15 Replies · Reply by Jeri Sep 2, 2019

Gingers scruffy coat

Ginger is 5 months old today and she has this adorable scruffy coat. As soon as I brush her she starts to get scruffy again. She has a thicker shorter caramel color coat under a longer whispy cream fringe. It is really quite cute and I am curious if

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10 Replies · Reply by Rachel Aug 24, 2019

Will Polly Doodle?

Polly is a 15 week old F1 goldendoodle. She was very scraggly with more wirey hair but lately has been much softer underneath her puppy hair. What do you think about her coat predictions? Does she have improper coat gene? We had another F1 goldendood

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F2 puppy - will she doodle?

Hi all, this is my very first post!

Our new F2 Irish Doodle puppy (Summer) comes home in a week, and I am like a kid on Christmas morning regarding her coat type. I chose her specifically looking for a red, unfurnished coat, but I'm getting a little n

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Coat Predictions for Theo


Theo is 8.5 weeks old with a very soft fluffy coat. He is lightening up in some areas from the darker red he was born with. I do see some furnishings, even my young daughter mentioned he has a little moustache /beard and and see some up by his eye

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