Adult weight predictions?

Hi everyone!

Everyone I meet when I am out with Danny keeps asking me how big he will get, and I have no idea!  He is approximately 47 lbs at 6 months old.  Does anyone have any guesses based on their own dog's growth?  I am very curious to know the answer myself!

Thanks so much!


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  • Just an update: Danny is now 58 pounds at 7.5 months.  Posting in case anyone with younger puppies wants to see a timeline. :-) 

  • If you can remember how much he weighed at 16 weeks, you get an approximate weight by doubling that number and add 5 #.  (10 if he is a large breed)  That is the best guess I have.  It is also helpful to know his parent's size.  He's very cute.  I have a 6 month old too named Zeke. 3440303879?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Parents size doesn't always work I think the doubling at 16w is usually more accurate.

      Riley's parents were both 60-65 lbs and she is 75 lbs and growing.  :)  She is very tall.  Her nose can touch the kitchen counter edge without her paws leaving the floor.

      At 16w she was a skinny 31 lbs so the guesstimate is low for her since she will probably top out at 75-80 lbs.

      At 6 months old she was about 55 lbs so I'm guessing your guy will be quite a bit smaller than Riley, maybe 60-65 lbs or so.



    • Thanks for your help guys!  Danny was around 30 lbs at 16 weeks, so I guess he will be around 65!  Thanks so much!  Aww Zeke and Riley are adorable!!

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