Coat Predictions for Theo


Theo is 8.5 weeks old with a very soft fluffy coat. He is lightening up in some areas from the darker red he was born with. I do see some furnishings, even my young daughter mentioned he has a little moustache /beard and and see some up by his eyes too but we have been constantly hearing how he looks like a Golden. I feel like his furnishings are more obvious in pictures vs. in person for some reason.  His ears and forehead have the slightest bit of wave. Do you think he may have a shaggy/wavy coat? Thank you for your time and opinions. Pic in profile pic and attached.



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  • Adorable!! And he does look a lot like Rookie!! I think he will be wavy!

  • Theo definitely has facial furnishings! He will doodle-out for sure! What a cutie pie! He's already doodley!

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    Theo lookes alot like my Rookie.  I've attached a picture of him at 8 weeks vs him at 4 months.  In the puppy picture, he is the dark red.  I think Theo will have a wavy coat.
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