F2 puppy - will she doodle?

Hi all, this is my very first post!

Our new F2 Irish Doodle puppy (Summer) comes home in a week, and I am like a kid on Christmas morning regarding her coat type. I chose her specifically looking for a red, unfurnished coat, but I'm getting a little nervous and could use some hand-holding. Yes, I understand that most people who seek out a Doodle do so because they want the non-shedding, constantly-growing hair type that comes with the furnishings gene. That's just not my story :)

I helped raise this puppy's full older brother, which is why I chose this breeder. Personally, what I want from the Poodle is their intelligence, sportiness, and trainability. 

Since Summer's mom and dad are both F1 Irish Doodles, I know they each have 1 furnishings allele, and 1 allele for improper coat. As expected, they produce a few flat-coated (or open-faced, or improper coat, or non-doodled, whatever you want to call it) with each litter. I'm hoping that Summer is one of them, but she's looking VERY fluffy. 

Is it possible that she is just curlier than her brother? 

Given the 4 coat type genes (length, furnishings, curl, double/single coat), I think mom and dad have the following genotypes:

Length = ll - both Irish Setters and Poodles only have longhaired genes to give
Furnishings = Ff or N/IC - Irish Setters never have the furnishings gene, and Poodles are all (supposed?) to be homozygous FF or NN
Curl = Cc - Irish Setters don't have a curly gene, but all Poodles do
Single coat = Ss - I think Irish Setters have a double coat, and that Poodles do not. I have read that the difference between Puli coats and Poodle coats is the single coat gene.

Picture #1 - Summer (left) at 2 and 4 weeks and brother Seamus (right) at 4 and 6 weeks

Picture #2 - Summer at 5 weeks

Picture #3 - brother Seamus at 20 months (I know, he's gorgeous)

So, what do you think? Should I invest in a Swiffer or clippers?

Summer and Seamus_2 and 4 wks.jpg

Summer_5 weeks.jpg


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  • I believe Summer will 100% have facial furnishings. If that's not what you want, can you pick a different puppy from the litter?

  • Whatever happens, she is adorable and so is Seamus.  I have a question that is NOT meant to be negative, derogatory or any bad thing, it's just a question.  If you want the Irish Setter look, why wouldn't you get a purebred Irish Setter? Setters are such gorgeous dogs.  I had an Irish Setter mix as my first adult dog and she was a beauty.  I guess my question is what does the breed mix do for what you are looking for in a dog?

  •  Looking at that first photo, my guess is that Summer will have the facial furnishings. The two of them side by side have different fur on their faces. You can see his face will be open whereas she appears to have the telltale fluff between the eyes.

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