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The breeder we adopted Angus from posted weekly pictures and videos online  from birth. It’s been so fun seeing the changes from week to week! He definitely has furnishings. His coat is very fluffy with some waves on the top of his head, neck, front legs and  butt. Some of his siblings were much curlier and some shaggier... he was definitely in the middle as far as curl. What do you guys predict for his coat? Wavier vs curly? 

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I believe he will be pretty curly.  Mine is predicted to be wavy, and has a much straighter coat than Angus.  Angus seems to have some curl in his coat, and from what I've read they tend to get curlier as they get older.  Here is a picture of Rookie, who is exected to be wavy. 

Rookie is adorable! What a perfect doodle face!! Love the color too! Thanks for you input!

So cute

He's beautiful!

I wanted to call my second boy Angus, love that name. 

I think he will be more wavy. Only time will tell. 

Good luck with him. 

I think wavy most likely.  He looks a bit like young Riley in terms of texture.  She has loose waves/curls now, more wavy if it's long but when her coat is shorter it's loose curls.

Riley is absolutely beautiful!!

I always feel that doodles get curlier with their adult coat, but this time I think Angus will stay wavy.   I have no idea why that is my prediction, but it is.  He sure is cute.

Angus 10 weeks❤️


Looking more and more doodley all the time.  Angus is a cutie for sure.

He's looking curlier to me.  He's precious. :)

I’ve noticed that he can be difficult to photograph in that room. His coat color/texture blends in with the floor so much. Of course when I’m outside he’s on the move and it’s harder to get a good picture with a contrasting background. He sure is a good boy! We love him so much! In this picture here you probably can’t tell that his head is full of slobber from the other dog! They play relentlessly!! 


Reminds me of taking pics of our previous dog Luna on our deck.  Same colour as the dog lol.



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