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This is our newest addition. Mom is a mini very curly goldendoodle and dad is a mini labradoodle/goldendoodle mix. Our little one is the least doodle-y of the litter and I am wondering if he will get facial furnishings or have a doodle coat.

I am wondering what the group thinks about the chances of this little guy “doodling out?”

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I bet you he will have facial furnishings and will doodle out. He is precious!!

Thank you! He has the saddest looking little eyes. It’s going to be hard not to spoil him.

Aboustely beautiful!!!! ❤️

Looks like he will doodle out to me.  Beautiful coloring!

Thanks! It’s funny how dark his ears are.

Luna's ears were way darker than the rest of her body but her body ended up darkening to match ;)  Maybe your little one will end up a dark apricot doodle too.

He is adorable. His coloring is very unique.

Yes He will dodle by the looks of it he'll have a wavy coat



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