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This is our little girl at about 6wks she is an F2 and comes from 2 curly coat F1 goldendoodle.  We are excited to bring her home to our family and give our golden retriever a friend to age gracefully with.    Just curious what everyone thinks she will end up as curly?  Waiver?  Shedding? Non shedding?   If anyone has had a pup for hat looks like her some growth photos would be really appreciated 



thanks in advance

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She’s precious! She looks like my little doodle dude but mine is a standard f1 she looks like a loose curl and hopeful non shedding as I hear when you cross f1 x f1 the puppies tend to shed 

Your F2 girl is just beautiful!  I am so happy for you.  I am not an expert, but she looks like she will not shed too much, and will be wavy to curly, like our Morgan.

She's a cutie! Usually if there are any curls at all that early on, then the puppy will be very curly. My f1b had pretty straight fur at that point and is even a little curly now. Good luck with your new baby!



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