Will Polly Doodle?

Polly is a 15 week old F1 goldendoodle. She was very scraggly with more wirey hair but lately has been much softer underneath her puppy hair. What do you think about her coat predictions? Does she have improper coat gene? We had another F1 goldendoodle that passed away this past year at 12 years old and her puppy coat was much fluffier and she was a big, fluffy, wavy coat that we loved so dearly so we are curious as to how Polly will turn out. Thanks!




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  • Polly is so cute! I cannot take it! She is already doodley. 

  • Take a look at Bailey when she was a puppy. Pages 38 & 39. She looks a lot like your adorable puppy and if you look at the recent photos you can see what she looks like now at age 7: https://doodlekisses.com/profile/ElizabethBurke?xg_source=profiles_...

    Elizabeth, Bailey & Bruin's Page
    Elizabeth, Bailey & Bruin's Page on DoodleKisses.com
  • She has facial furnishings so it will not be an improper coat.  She will probably have a thinner coat but definitely have the doodle look.  

    • I agree, definitely very doodly.

      I'm not sure about the thickness of her coat, she may keep the scraggly look or it may fill in and become a nice wavy fluffy coat.

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