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  • Just wanted to share a couple of recent pictures of Andie.

    9852628662?profile=RESIZE_930xAndie sleeps with Snuggles.  After he gets up in AM he tries to destroy him.  I woke the other morning to this scene.  : )


    I bought 2 of these bed when I  first got Andie.   He would jump in them and pee.  : (  He ended up tearing one apart (on Otis' watch) so I put the other one away until just recently.  He now loves his bed.

  •  Here is Jasper, 3 and a half years old now and the sweetest boy ever. He has really surpassed all of my hopes and expectations. :)

    • Jasper is gorgeous. He looks like he's  full of fun! 

    • Nancy, he makes me laugh every single day. That's his purpose in life, lol! 

    • Aw, he sounds like such a great dog :)  Toby is SUCH a clown.  He isn't QUITE all poodle but he certainly behaves like one I think :p 

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What REAL European Moyen Poodles look like

A dear friend and my go-to person for everything Poodle posted this in our FB Poodle group. I hope the video link works. Here are her comments on the videos:Just wanted to share videos I saw recently of this lovely Moyen Poodle in Slovakia. He is 39cm which equals around 15.4"Great dog, I'd love to have one like him (look at his cute attitude!) but I also want people to see what size real European Moyens actually are. In type, temperament, and health issues, Moyens are the same variety as our…

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Poodle Colors (and other questions)

I know we don't have a large group of poodle people in the doodle forum, but sometimes it's intimidating to walk into a group of poodle experts and ask the novice questions. Sometimes a girl confuses a cairn terrier with a border terrier and is persona non-grata forever! So, I thought maybe I could bring some questions here as I gain some poodle knowledge for the future. AKC doesn't recognize multi-colored poodles for conformation purposes. And I had a lightbulb moment the other day (thanks,…

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Poodle Sizes

In the U.S., there are only three sizes for Poodles: Toys, Miniatures, and Standards. "Moyen" is not a recognized size in the U.S.; it is recognized in Europe. The breed standard for the three sizes is based on the height from the floor to the withers ( the point between the shoulder blades on the dog's back, or the tallest point on the body when the dog is standing on all fours) and are as follows:Toys: under 10"Miniatures: 10" to 15"Standards: over 15"For conformation purposes, a dog must…

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