Poodle Colors (and other questions)

I know we don't have a large group of poodle people in the doodle forum, but sometimes it's intimidating to walk into a group of poodle experts and ask the novice questions. Sometimes a girl confuses a cairn terrier with a border terrier and is persona non-grata forever! So, I thought maybe I could bring some questions here as I gain some poodle knowledge for the future. 

AKC doesn't recognize multi-colored poodles for conformation purposes. And I had a lightbulb moment the other day (thanks, Karen!) about how good AKC breeders feel about people breeding multi-colored poodles. But I still don't understand why. I've done a little reading and it looks like multi-colored poodles have been around forever. Has AKC ever recognized them? I thought I read that, but now I can't remember my source. 

My other question is UKC. I know there are a lot of... not well respected breeders who get championships from UKC and then sell puppies as champion bred. And that it isn't the same thing to be a UKC champion as an AKC champion. But I've also read that AKC conformation is highly political and it's nearly impossible for an owner handled poodle to get a championship. That it's more about who you are and know than about the dog. Now, that might just be sour grapes from someone who isn't winning, but is it possible that it will become so political that good breeders will start showing in UKC, giving it more legitimacy? 

I also don't understand why other countries recognize a moyen size poodle and AKC doesn't. 

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  • I know you can explain the technicality but to the normal dog like me, silver poodles are pretty much parti colored - they are different from each other, they have a variety of shadings on their ears, noses, faces, legs, tails -  and are not solid.  So there! I say parti-on! 

    Respectfully from Charlie (who pretty much matches).3367755470?profile=original

    • Most people love Jasper's two-toned coloring. I wish he would hurry up and get silver all over, lol. I do prefer the silver Poodles who have light ears, but I've reconciled myself to the fact that Jasper is probably going to be one of those whose ears stay darker, if not his head too. 

      Charlie happens to have very symmetrical marking, which I love. I also have to say that I like the looks of brown and white parti colored dogs better than any other combination. 

    • Thank you Auntie Karen. I’m pretty excited watching Jasper change. Love and puppy hugs, Charlie


  • Oh yes, completely anecdotal. It was more of an, I swear I read that somewhere and didn't make it up. I think it's also where I got the idea that at one time the multi colored dogs were shown - exhibition class. I don't think I'm ever going to be completely convinced that parti colored poodles aren't pretty. I just like the look. I started my dog life with a breed that is always parti colored. I'm sure that has something to do with it.

    I do respect the fact that the best poodles from the most respected breeders aren't parti colored or phantom or brindle. And when I do start searching for the poodle of my dreams I will be looking for the best poodle from the best breeder I can find. I have too many regrets about Katie's breeder to make that mistake again. 

    It would be interesting to know the rational behind the color restriction. I know that some colors have health implications, but I haven't read anything about that in poodles. Of course, just because I haven't seen it doesn't mean it's not a thing. 

    There's this tiny part of me that really really wants to take everything I've learned over the last five years and start with the right puppy from the very beginning and see if I can make the perfect dog. I feel like I've done a really good job with Maggie. Just think if she had started as a puppy. I just don't think it would be fair to either one of them to bring a new puppy home to take all of their attention right now. But the more I watch what the training people do with their dogs the more I really want to do all of those things! I can't even get Maggie to come in from the yard!

  • Thought some of you would get a kick out of this photo.

    This is Jasper's half-sister AM CH Safranne's I'm Just Chasing Rainbows (better known as Rainee) impersonating a chameleon. It's amazing how her below the neck she matches the background of the pillowcases, and above the neck, she matches the shams. LOL 

    • Very cool!

    • Look how clever she is! If she's not allowed on the bed she can hide in plain sight!

    • She is beautiful!  And, looks like a real princess.

    • Cute!

  • If you like reading cozy mysteries, there is a series by Laurien Berenson that features black standard poodles, dog shows etc.  Very fun mysteries, especially if you are remotely a dog person.

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