Poodle Sizes

In the U.S., there are only three sizes for Poodles: Toys, Miniatures, and Standards. "Moyen" is not a recognized size in the U.S.; it is recognized in Europe. 

The breed standard for the three sizes is based on the height from the floor to the withers ( the point between the shoulder blades on the dog's back, or the tallest point on the body when the dog is standing on all fours) and are as follows:

Toys: under 10"

Miniatures: 10" to 15"

Standards: over 15"

For conformation purposes, a dog must meet these height standards to be eligible to compete. However, dogs who do not meet the breed standard for height can still compete and earn titles in performance: agility, obedience, hunting, and all of the other competitive activities.

There is no really no such thing as a "teacup" Poodle, a "tiny Toy" Poodle, a "Royal Standard" Poodle, etc. These are marketing ploys used by BYBs. When you see a breeder using these terms, know that you are not dealing with a reputable breeder.

Toys and Minis can go "over size", but they are still Toys or Minis. A 16" Poodle from two Miniature Poodle parents is still a Miniature Poodle, not a small Standard Poodle. 

It's also important to know that certain genetic diseases run in some Poodle sizes but not in others, or are more common in one size than another. For example, Patellar luxation is common in Miniatures but not in Standards.Sebaceous adenitis is much more common in Standards than in minis.

It is not a great idea to breed one size Poodle to another, and reputable breeders do not do this. Even in countries where Moyen is a recognized fourth size, they are not "created" by breeding a Miniature Poodle to a Standard Poodle, at least by anyone who knows what they are doing. 

In the U.S., only solid color Poodles are eligible for AKC conformation competition. In other countries, they do permit parti Poodles to compete. 

And there is no such thing as a purebred merle Poodle. If you see one, know for an absolute fact that some other breed(s) have been introduced into the lines to produce them. 

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  • That reminds me of this article:   https://barkpost.com/doodle-or-fried-chicken-twitter/

    ... and in general photos that compare poodles and doodles to fried chicken :p

    • That was cute. I don't think I have ever seen anything comparing dogs to food. But then I live under a rock most of the time. I thought the Dalmations and ice cream was a good one. You have to pile the puppies on top of one another for it to really resemble fried chicken. At one time I was looking at red poodle puppies and came across a photo of the puppies in a pile, that looked so much like a platter of fried chicken it was hilarious.

  • Interesting!  I looked up the origins of Bichons and Poodles a bit just now and it looks like the two breeds were developed around the same time in Spain (Bichons) and Germany (Poodles) from similar water dog lines (likely French Barbet, but Bichons came a bit later and may have had poodle in there too).

  • We are awaiting the birth of some bernedoodle puppies from this sire (chocolate phantom standard poodle), puppies to be ready in July.  Breeder says he is about 65 lbs. 

    In general any idea how much smaller standard female poodles are than male poodles?  Just trying to judge how big the puppies are likely to be.  Dam is about 60 lbs (purebred Bernese).

    In any case, dad is pretty cute :)


  • This is our 1st dog that we got for our 2nd Anniversary.  Her name was Asti.  She was sold to us as a Miniature Poodle with no papers.  She was around 17-19 lbs the majority of her life.  We lost her just before her 16th birthday.  Not sure how tall she was, but I do know that she was just barely too tall to be able to fly under the seat on a plane.  We always kept her in this type cut.  



    • Asti was gorgeous.  You know to me she looks a lot like a Bichon Frise (but they also look a lot like poodles).  I don't know how common apricot ears are in poodles but they are super common in Bichons.  She'd be too big to be a Bichon though I think, they are typically 10-15 lbs.  I had one growing up and she was around 12 lbs.

    • How did I not know you had a Poodle? Asti was adorable. 

      I plan to keep mine in that type of cut, too. 

    • Asti was beautiful. 

  • Thank you for this information.  When my son got his red poodle, I googled poodle colors and learned so much - even reds have variations in their shading. It was really interesting but I couldn't find this specific article again when I googled poodle colors.   Of course, Moyen would be my size choice. I could move.......

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