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I've been feeding my pup raw food for three months.  Looking to share experiences and tap into the knowledge of others. 

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I use a local commercial source for Ozzie's raw food.  It is so convenient.  They custom make the food, using multiple but individual meat sources...e.g., venison, guinea hen, chicken, rabbit, lamb to name a few.  You can get veggies and herbs included or without.  All meats have bone ground-in.  I love it.  We have used it for about 4 years now and Ozzie eats it like a cavedog!!!  Where do you live?  There are probably comparable outfits in other places.  Ours is called FeedThis in Petaluma, CA. Smart to feed raw and give up the kibble roulette game.  Ozzie has eaten raw for the last 10 years and he is now 13 1/2.  Very healthy and active.  Fingers/paws crossed!

Two doodles, 7 and 8, feeding raw since puppies. Supermarket bought and a local supply of raw pet food. I stay away from the harder bones, but chicken quarters, turkey necks are great to keep the teeth clean.

Raw food was the only food to get my Golden Doodles stool to be normal. All kibbles and canned resulted in runny messes. I sometimes (traveling or vacations etc) resort to canned food but I add some bone meal and that works fine too as an emergency when raw isn't available. 

I also use honest kitchen dehydrated to make up my own raw mix with supermarket meat. I sometimes buy organ meats, but the pet food supplier mixes organs in and this is also why I vary the diet with Honest kitchen mixes. Variety is important I believe.

Happy to answer any questions. My guys as so happy in the morning when handed a chicken quarter or turkey neck to grind up.

Thank you Lucy and David!  Nice to see other raw feeders at DK.  I'm a relative newbie, who's discovered there are various levels of depth and passion to this effort.  Some follow a very strict interpretation and can be, shall we say, a bit "unforgiving" to those who wander off the path.  I'm still a wanderer at this point.  I do follow 80-10-10, use store bought and online sourced meat, no veggies, but I do use toppers (yogurt, cottage cheese, egg, pumpkin) and the occasional helping of fruit (i.e., berries, apple, and banana).  Sourcing, packaging, and prepping can be time consuming, but well worth the effort in my opinion.  I look forward to exchanging ideas and experiences with you!

Good luck with it Mark. My opinion is that it's stupid to try and be too strict about it, that's not how it works in nature. It's more random and varied and of course it's important to make sure there's no deficiencies but it will be ok. It's the same with humans as no-one eats a perfectly balanced diet every day, but over time if you ensure you're getting enough greens etc then it should be good. Also, different dogs like different things just like people. When I'm eating a banana, one of my doodles comes running to get a piece, whereas if I present banana to the other one he backs off and starts barking at me. Most amusing to see the different reactions.

You'll figure out over time what suits your dog best. I'd also warn you on opposition you might encounter to raw feeding. I met and continue to meet a lot of resistance to feeding raw. Our vet will comment on our guys nice teeth and how healthy they are and when mentioning we feed raw as one of the reasons, he will recoil in horror stating we are 'playing with fire' feeding chicken from the supermarket. That was over 7 years ago, meanwhile the store bought dog food recalls continue regularly etc etc. Also, even on this forum I was threatened with being banned by a moderator and accused of being a shill for the raw food industry for stating my preference on feeding raw, I kid you not. People have strong opinions, so do what you know is working best for your dog and good luck. I have many years of experience with raw feeding and happy to share if you have any questions.

Raw feeding can be a challenge with a finicky eater.  I've been fortunate thus far in that my Dude eats everything I put down and has no food allergies I'm aware of.  I've fed beef, chicken, pork, lamb, rabbit, duck, turkey, bison, venison, and even emu.  Likewise mackerel, salmon, sardines, tripe, heart, tongue, liver, spleen, and pancreas without complaint.  All good until this morning, when I finally discovered something he doesn't care for....kidney!  Fed him a piece this morning and he mouthed it two or three times before dropping it and walking away.  I even cut it up into slivers.  No go.  Ugghh!  I just bought five pounds of it.  I suppose I'll be feeding it to the little dog for the next two years.  :)



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