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I am trying to learn all I can from several RAW sites.  I ordered some freeze dried tripe ...very expensive ...and it says 1 cup serving.  Whoa, that would empty my little bag in no time.  My question...when it is freeze dried, would I feed less than fresh tripe?  Also, is it completely necessary they get a portion of offal every day?  What can I feed instead of offal?  We do not have an Asian market around my community, so I would not even know where to begin getting tripe or other offal products.  Any information or support is appreciated.  My two girls weigh 50 & 54.  They are doing extremely well on RAW.  I was unwittingly trying to mix a "high quality" kibble for one meal and RAW with the next.  Then they started throwing up.  I did my research about the pH in the stomach.  I took back the kibble.  I am now giving them Darwin's for one meal, my own RAW for one meal, snacks of liver, gizzards, hearts, freeze dried tripe.  

How's everyone doing?  Here's a cute picture of the girls.  We rescued Elli off Craigslist 3 years you can see Skadi who was an "only" furchild is still struggling with the addition...LOL

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Great picture! I'm interested what others say too. I've been feeding raw for almost 3 years now. My dogs are doing great .I switch between frozen ground and fresh meat with bones. Lately I've also used some freeze dried.

 Hi Joani! You have a very good looking girls! Skadi's face is so white and clean!  

1.- I think freeze dried tripe is more consentrated than fresh and you always have to add water or broth to freeze dried food (dog's and cat's kidney need moisture food). One cup serving for a meal? Not enaugh, for a treat it's to much.  My girls love tripe and get 2-3 tb spoons a day. 2.- Dogs absolutely need organ meats, but not every single day. 3.- There is nothing you could substitute offal with. 4.- Try - very good reputable company, excellent variety, food is aways fresh, and they have delivery route in your state. Pick up at Drop-off location cost $12.50 in IL, is Lowes parking lot at 1918 Airport Rd in Midland close to you? They have Home Delivery to. Also you could check Blue Ridge Beef, they have distributer in your state. Our IL distributer make home deliveries for free. I'm buying from both companies for years and very satisfied with the quality. It cost me $ 2-2.50 per lb.  I did feed Darvin's for a short time long ago - expensive, with synthetic vitamin mix, 25% of veggies and fruits dogs not need and $20 shipping fees. Primal frozen is a better choice for me.

P.S. Here is my little food inspector on duty :) and for example : my last order from MPC - will be enough for 3 mo.

Wow...thank you for all of this information.  I have been mainly trying to do RAW without ordering premade products, but I still work and run out of time!  I always worry they are getting everything they need to keep them healthy and this petcarnivore site is wonderful!  I do so want to thank you again.  I thought there were some really good "kibble" companies out there, but after searching and reading, and searching and reading some more, I am entirely convinced my girls need RAW.  Your baby is so incredibly "little"...that is a real puppy right? LOL so cute.

You received some good advice from Olga.  As she mentioned organ meet is so very important, but it doesn't have to be fed every day, just properly balanced over time. Ideally 10% of the overall diet, with 5% being liver and the other 5% made up of other secreting organs:  kidney, teste, pancreas, spleen, brain, etc.  Most of the latter are hard to find so Mypetcarnivore and Miami Raw are very helpful sites.  As for tripe, I use it as a topper.  Too much green tripe and your gorgeous doodles will "fumigate" the house for you.

Where do you get your freeze dried tripe? For offal, I buy organic chicken liver, hearts, and whatever they have from Whole Foods and add it to every morning's breakfast. My girls are 11 1/2 & 8 and have never had kibble. I do keep Ziwi Peak on hand in case of an emergency. Ziwi Peak makes a canned NZ lamb tripe (STINKY of course) and a couple Tbs of that is added sometimes. I also use Stella and Chewy's frozen raw Lamb Patties but don't use any of the more exotic foods.

Your girls are gorgeous BTW!

Sorry I did not get back with you about the freeze dried tripe.  So expensive, haven't ordered it since.  Used it for training treats which worked real stink to the product.  I am ordering now from Darwin's.  Yes, expensive also, but it's a "complete" meal...includes offal, bone, and meat.  I order tripe from Dawson's and made small portioned treats with it...I semi thawed it and cut it into more cube like portions.  So incredibly disgustingly smelly...yes, just like what it makes after coming out of the gut...if you get my drift.  I had to double bag the treats to prevent the smell...yes, even frozen. 

I also ordered a few products from Miami Raw:  Lung, kidney, chicken feet, some beef fingerlings...all great stuff, but comes in bulk and I have to semi-thaw the products and then cut into ounce servings for the girls.  

I also just go to the butcher and get chicken thighs, wings, pork chops, and rabbit.  Whatever is mostly on sale or not too expensive.  The hard part is coming home with my "booty" and making portion sizes: I give them between 7 & 8 oz. twice a day.  Then they get their offal , an ounce on average per day.  Definitely a LABOR of LOVE!  My reward...My girls only go to the Vet for their check-ups and whatever shots they have to have...they go to doggie day care and are required for shots.  My further reward is that they are healthy, no more ear infections, no loosey goosey poopies, no vomiting, no scratching, no itching, no hot spots...and they absolutely love their food.  Have never ever refused a meal...oh, LOL, I take that back...Elli hates fish and Skadi hates rabbit.. I serve 99% of their meals frozen...I just hand them their portion and open the back door.  No muss, no fuss.  Most of all the "cook" gets NO complaints!

I ordered some dehydrated RAW from a company to see how the girls would like that when we go camping for weeks on end and are away from we know it.  They gobble that up too.  

Thank you for the compliment on the girls.  They are extremely sweet and good natured.



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