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I searched through old discussions here and saw mentioned that a rolled collar is good to prevent matts (I think Lucy & Sophie's mom said this) on the neck. 

So, then my tired brain mutated the information into "braided" collar and I went and ordered one based on Peri & Taquito's mom's rec of the braided "leash" from PrestonLeashes.

I am pretty sure it is too late to undo the order.  Do you think a braided collar is going act like a rolled collar or a total pain for Porter?  Anyone have a braided collar and wanna tell me of their experience with it?

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Don't know about braided.  But I don't think you mentioned "leather".  There are braided leather so that would probably be ok.  I use a flat leather collar and that seems to work.  I think it is the friction of the nylon and cloth collars that cause all the problems.

Oh, yay!  It is leather, so maybe it will work nicely.  Fingers crossed.

Here is a link:


Hi Melissa...

It's interesting that you're asking this question.

I'm also looking to purchase a new collar and leash for Sasha...and found the same discussion that you're talking about.

I looked at the leather leashes from Preston Leashes...and thought the braided ones were Beautiful!

I especially liked the two toned collars and leases that they offered.

They also had a Grab Tag that you can attach to the leash that looked Great...and would be very helpful!

Since I was orginally looking for rolled collars (hearing that they helped to prevent matting) I thought that the braided collars would do the same thing.

Like minds...(smile)

I was just about ready to place my order.

I'm going to wait a bit...just to see if anyone has any other thoughts...

I also found a Great site for Name Tags that you might be interested in. 

I hope this is helpful...


Thanks everyone for your input.  I will report back on how the collar goes.  I don't expect to get it until late next week, and Porter is getting groomed tomorrow, so we will be starting with a mattless neck. 

I always get stressed before his groomings.  I have to remember to say: no cage dryer, no anal gland expression, scent-free oatmeal shampoo, don't cause him pain if clipping is easier, no poodle ears or tophead, maybe poodle muzzle b/c my husband gets annoyed when his face is all wet and messy but I am torn as to what I want for his face...

Makes me pant like a dog just thinking about it...


It is funny that we are thinking about the collar leash thing at the same time and reading the same threads.  I will let you know how the collar works.  The guy who runs the Preston business was very nice and friendly on the phone--I had sizing questions.  Porter's collar is 21-22 in around the outside when he is fluffy, much less when he is trimmed.  Buying the 20 inch collar will give us enough leeway in both directions.  I should have looked more closely at leashes and tags since I am paying $5 for shipping anyway, but oh well. 



Did you ever get the leather collar? I'm wondering how it works with matts!!
I did!  It seems to cause no matts AND it develops no odor the way the other kind do after a few weeks.  No big deal to wash the nylon ones, but I'm super happy the leather braided prevents matts AND smells great forever.
Great did you buy one from the link you posted above? Thanks
Also did you buy the medium weight?

Yes and I got the heavy weight.  It is really not very thick or heavy so I am glad I did. 

I would get the 18 in if I were to do it again, because when Porter's hair is short--all summer--the collar is a little too loose.  And when he was fluffy, I was still using the first hole.  (Porter is 73 lbs and on the short side.)



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