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I am trying to find the right collar for Daisy. I do not leave her in house with a collar on. Strictly for going out , walks , groomers etc. recently I bought one that I think is just too wide and causes more neck matting. what width size should a collar be to limit mats and best kinds you have found work best. 

I do use a martingale for walking but I really dislike how tight it can get when she sees an animal. we are working on sitting and waiting and turning  the other way but it is not easy. she is in the 30-40 lb ranges more a medium height. any input sites etc. I am looking at maybe the gentle leader harness. I have a gently leader head one and it is great for control but I just don't like what it does with head and the under chin thing always seems so tight. Daisy is almost 11 months old.

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I love the Lupine collars. We have several different patterns. It has her tags on it.  I don't hook her leash to it though. I have a Ruffwear harness that I use for walking, but she still has her collar on as well. I don't think she would run off, but I don't want to take any chances, so she always has her collar on when not at home.

Which ruff wear harness, they have many

I have their basic Front Range one. I have been thinking about getting the Load Up one that can be used with a seatbelt.

For a collar that is easier on matting - rolled leather or a water collar. Rolled leather can be bought at most pet stores.

I buy my water collars from Hot Dogs All Dressed.  You can customize them  Here is a link and a picture.

If you get rolled leather, get natural - if it is dyed and the leather gets wet it will stain the coat.   My 'hydro' collars last for YEARS of 24/7 wearing.

I have that daisy pink hydro collar. its a little wide. but I love their stuff.

We order the narrowest width  in a longer length for Ned. It really works perfectly.  Because my guys wear theirs 24/7, for their tags, I am thinking about requesting the narrow width for the other two.

My dogs are each different in their collar needs when out for a walk.  Ned uses a flat collar, Clancy has a corrective collar (also known as a choke chain) and we have put Charlie on a prong by Lola Limited - cloth on the outside.  Clancy and Charlie can slip their heads out of a collar faster than you can blink so they have to have something that pulls tighter.  We tried regular Martingale's and both (even though Clancy knows better) will strongly pull if the are really stimulated by something.  Clancy was trained with the corrective collar and the sound of the chain with a slight tug corrects him.  Charlie must have been raised with a flexi-lead because he will pull until he chokes himself.  We found that the prong lets him relax on a walk - it is pretty amazing.

I personally prefer the Freedom USA Harness.  It is very similar to the Gentle Leader Harness but it fits up higher across the chest.  I have used pretty much every training harness/collar out there and once I bought the Freedom USA Harness a few years ago I haven't used any other.  You can clip on the ring on the chest for training or you can clip on the ring on the back if they are walking without pulling or you can put a leash on each clip for training purposes.



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