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i would like to get a harness for Chloe, just wondering if this would be considered a training harness and if this type has worked well on doods!

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Michelle you might want to post this in the training group too. People there are very helpful and have a lot of experience with training and what collars work best. Here's the link:

I have not seen people use a harness as a training collar. If you have selected a trainer it might be good to ask them what they recommend because most trainers have a preference and request that you use that type of collar while working with them.

When Tara was a pup her trainer recommended a certain type of harness to train her to walk without pulling but that was the only use for it. It had the connecting loop in the front on her chest instead of on her back so it felt uncomfortable for the her to pull on it. I had moderate success with it but ended up training her in a different manner. Otherwise, her trainer just had us working with a flat collar.

Many people find that using a harness on their dog just encourages pulling so you might consider that issue too. Here is one person's take on using harnesses with some interesting points:

This is the harness I used that I mentioned above:

I think if that is just a cute regular harness it would allow the dog to pull more easily.  I can't say enough that it's NOT the collar/harness/tool that makes it good for training. It is how it is used and the method of training that makes it effective.  Some who train in a completely positive way with only reward and no correction/punishment/reprimand would say that no special collar/harness is needed because the leash and confinement device is only there to keep your dog safe...the rest is done with rewarding the behavior you want.  So in such a case you could use this if THAT is the philosophy you have and will use for training.  Otherwise, if you want the harness to DO anything or NOT do something then this is probably not useful for training because you can't DO anything with it besides keep the dog attached to the leash.

Its kind of a half and half.. She is a fantastic walker, she only ever pulls when she sees people. I think she is too young as of right now for a correction type collar, so im just looking for something that gives me a little more support, to handle her when she does the crazy dance. I think i should maybe move this over to the training group so i could maybe get some input on how to stop this behavior all together, just not sure how to move it



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