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My sweet Pippi is such a beautiful cream and white doodle--except where her collar touches her fur. It started with her tags, which rubbed her fur and turned it gray, so I put the tags in a little pouch. Then, the metal ring that holds the tags and the metal closure for the collar started staining her fur, so I bought her a blue nylon collar with a plastic closure. Now the blue nylon has started to bleed onto her fur--she has a blue neck! Even the groomer hasn't been able to get the stain off. We have washed the collar in hot water and soaked it until it faded. Pips is getting bluer by the day.

I am thinking that stainless steel might not discolor her fur but I am not sure. And I'd really like to find a colorfast collars. Does anyone have suggestions?


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Maybe custom made where the underside is white.



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