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Hey all!

I'm not sure if this has been shared before so maybe this is totally pointless but I wanted to share these dog tags that I got for my boys! They are QR Code dog tags, I got mine from pet but there are tons of vendors/sites. The way they work is if your pet is lost and someone finds them and scans the code it emails you to tell you that someone has found your pet, also when someone scans it, it pulls up your pets pet hub profile that you create with all of their information and you contact info. I've attached pictures but can't post them into the thread because I'm on my iPad, they are the tags for the puppy I pick up this weekend so naturally I haven't filled much in yet on the profile. They profiles are free for life and you can edit the information at any time as well. They aren't pricey I think the ones I got were around 15 each. I thought they were cool because almost everyone has a smart phone and for those who don't there is a phone number to call. That way if someone finds your pet they might not have a wand to check for a microchip but they can still have lots of info on your pet. I realize a traditional dog tag does some of this too, but thought I would share just in case someone else thinks it's cool! I personally love them! And they have cute designs too :)

Hope you'll have a great night!

Jess, Loki, and Moose(almost,)

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