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I began to consider harness for my dogs. ( especially after Charlie's throat injury ). There are varieties of types, and I am not sure which ones are good. Any recommendation?  I kind of like the look of buddy belt.. Does any one use this..?

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I took a look at the buddy belt link and there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between the buddy belt and the step-in harness.  The main idea is to get the pressure off the neck area and these seem to work much the same way.  I started to use the harnesses when my dogs were on the BTL (bike tow leash) and now we use them even more frequently when we don't want them pulling with their necks.   A leash attached to a harness just seems to work better than a leash on a collar.

More and more I looked at the Buddy belt, even though I like the way it looks, it looked like it can rub right behind the front legs. So, I ended up ordering Roman style harness made with hemp with fleece lining.



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