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What do you think about these collars for huff? Thanks:)



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You mean the stack of colorful collars? If so, I like those too. The smoothstud collar is the cheapest. But I like the braided one which is kinda pricey. I also like #2 and #3 not too pricey.
The cool Puppy has nice collars but none of the ones I like will fit Huff!:) haha Thanks for your help.:)
These collars look nice but not wide enough. I liked the ones made out of rope (or something like that) from but they were to thin. We want the collar for him to be wider than 1 inch. Thanks though:) By the way, I still haven't checked The Cool Puppy. I will get back to you when I do.:)
I know, maybe I shouldn't be so picky haha:)
Thanks:) They look cute but I really wanted leather. haha:) Picky, picky me....
Yes! That is exactly the problem, I want to be able to see his collar. haha:) Just recently, we were at the mall with Huff and somebody was petting Huff and he said "It looks like he has something red on his neck right here." I was shocked because  hadn't seen any red marks on him earlier and as we looked closer, guess what? It was just his collar!:) haha
I like the red smoothstud one.



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