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  • Hi Everyone! We have an active doodle group in San Diego. We meet about once a month. Please join the facebook group "San Diego Doodles" to get more information. We are also on instagram. Looking forward to seeing you!

  • Hi, my family has placed a deposit on an F1 from goldendoodle San Diego. Does anyone have a puppy or dog from there? What is your experience as far as the picking, health, temperament? I've met one puppy from there so far and got some good tips but I want to get all the info I can. Thanks :)
  • Sean, join the Southern California group  http://www.doodlekisses.com/group/southerncalgroup    It is a much more active group.  We meet - usually at Arbor Dog Park in Seal Beach - about once a month.  People who are going to be in San Diego and want to meet with others, post there.

  • When is the next meetup in San Diego?  I don't see a calendar.

  • Hi Diane, The most active group in your area is the Southern California Group.  Several of the members are from the San Diego area. 

  • Hi:

    Would like to get together for play dates, hikes, walks and road trips with Doodles and their people who live in No County San Diego (we live  in Oceanside).  


  • Hi all, Does anyone want to dog sit my Giant Schnoodles for the next few days? I'm going to Mexico & am having difficulty finding a hotel that will take 3 large dogs. I want to take one & leave either 1 or 2 depending on situation. all my dogs are dog friendly & obedience trained although Zola could use less excitement & more obedience.  I want to leave Zola my 2 yr old puppy. She's a good girl but needs work on pulling behavior which makes her difficult to walk when walking 3 dogs even if I do find a hotel. I might leave Mirage, a great big love bug. Xena goes with me, even if we have to sleep in the street. LOL.  They are all due for grooming, but are flea free, friendly. although I don't trust Zola with young children. She likes to play & doesn't have enough experience with children to play properly, unless supervised & told to sit or drop if she gets too into it. I have all commands written & they obey. For trade, I have a large yard as well as a dog run. I have crates but seldom use them except as open dog houses in the dog run. they alsoi have a kids playhouse in the dog run with both heater, fan, blankets, & I notices many balls & toys buried in the blankets.  The dog run is not closed right now, so they just go in there to play & bury toys in the playhouse. If I care for your dog, it will be your choice: the big yard, the dog run or both & of course they have the house & sleep with me. House training isn't mush of an issue bcs I have gym rubber floor which is easy to clean up from accidents. I usually have a door open so they can go outside at will. If there are problems, they are leashed to my bed. First thing in the AM I take them out to the potty pool where they get a treat when they go in the potty pool. If they need potty training I do it. It doesn't take me much time to do it. I've written a book on my method. see www.crowdrise.com/servicedogs  . My mother always said I was a maven oifen dreck  translate All knowledgeable about s*** LOL., I guess she was right. I wrote a book on it . LOL. So if anyone will take Zola & maybe Mirage while I'm gone, I throw in some free training on exchange when I take your dog. Puppy love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk 

  • Does anyone know of a hotel/time share rental/b&b etc. in TJ or Rosarito that will rent to someone with dogs? OK, let me specify: 3 Giant Schnoodles? Well trained, non shedding, flea free. Small print: the smallest is 65 lbs. They are  service dogs & puppy, Zola, service dog in training.  Xena has appeared on Oprah, been featured in LIFE magazine & more media. She's a celebrity. I'm just a groupie. I don't want to leave them in day care/board & care. Any leads? Thx Puppy love from Inventing Joy & Furry folk

  • Hello San Diego Doodles,

    Mickey Finn and I are looking for playdates. We live in San Clemente but could drive to San Diego area. Week days are best. Please let me know if you wanna meet up. Thank you.

  • Hi San Diego'ns. I have a super great groomer in Clairemont Mesa. Really worth traveling from downtown to Clairemont 10 min. Call: Best in Show. As long as I have your attention San Diego, & completely OT, Does anyone know a good electrician? My General Contractor left mid job with electrical half done. Its holding up the whole project . HELP!!!

    PUppy love from Inventing Joy & Furry Folk

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Dog sports in San Diego

Hi San Diego doodles! I want to get Teddy into a flyball, agility or other sport. He's 13 months old, knows how to fetch and he's good at jumping. He also has a good memory, but I'm not sure if there's a class in searching or something that he might be good at. He needs to work on his recall before he starts sports, but I am researching it now. I'm not sure which sports are available. Does anyone have their doodle in sports and can recommend a club or class? Please let me know! Thanks :)

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Doodle Sitting Exchange

Hi, i'd like to do some doodle sitting exchanging. Pls email caringpro@yahoo.com. Bcs I do rescue, I don't know exactly how many I'll have at the time. I'm hoping to go to Canada June 29 for abt 3 weeks. I do have some puppy parents who will sit some of my schnoodles, doodles, & poodle hybrid rescues. I"m not taking any new ones between now & then but I'm hoping I can find forever homes for the ones I have. I'll post the story of Mr Mom as soon as I have a moment. Xena is going with me (service…

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Doodle playdate

I'd love to get together with some other doodle owners for a doggy play date. I have a 5 month old puppy who LOVES playing with other dogs but can be shy around people so we're trying to have him meet new people and dogs constantly. We're always looking for new play buddies :)

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anyone interested in dog sitting?

Hi All!I am traveling to LA next weekend and the person I'm staying with cannot have dogs in her apt :( I was wondering if anyone would be willing to dog sit for my two goldendoodles (Cali-23 months and Sandy-9months) Fri August 13-Sunday 15th. Great dogs...love people and good with other dogs...but I'm not sure how they would be with younger children. (I dont have any...so they've just never been well exposed!) Anyway, if anyone would be interested, I would of course love to watch your dood(s)…

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