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  • Hello everyone..I have 2 doodles, same mother and father, different litters. My first doodle Lola just turned 3 yesterday. She had a seizure of some sort when she was 2. I called the vet and brought her in for blood work the following day. We live in florida where it is hot and it was summer, but I was in the backyard with her for only about 10 min. She came inside and got this blank stare then her back legs just gave out she started shaking all over and I just held her till it stopped. It only lasted for a few minutes. Blood work showed nothing. Within about 1 hour she was perfectly fine. The vet said sometimes poodle breeds have this and it may never happen again. Today she had another one around 3 pm and then another at 7 pm. I will call the vet again in the morning. I was reading some posts where some medicines work. Is there any foods or something I can give her afterward? I cooked chicken thighs and steamed vegetables with brown rice for both doodles. They do both eat some purina chicken puppy food but very little. I also make all there treats peanut butter and pumpkin. My other doodle Sophie is 16 months and has not had any issues yet. Any I thought/ideas would be very helpful. Thank you
    • So sorry your experiencing this. It’s not easy to watch. Sending your doodles lots of positive vibes!!! We ❤️Our pups!
  • Hello fellow doodle owners. My name is Dina and I have a 5 year old male doodle named Remy. Remy had his first seizure on September 3rd 2021. It was my first experience. I was screaming for help had no idea what it was like. I was then told to be calm for Remy. While he was experiencing his seizure, I was holding his head he gave me a lick. Soon after his platelets dropped to almost under 1000. His vet immediately did all kinds of blood panels. 5 days later I was told the lab needed the panels redone due to fedex losing the package. I became desperate for answers. Recommendations for specialists immune mediated problems. No openings until end of October. Finally one of the Vets called back and recommended I take Remy to the University of Florida. This is scary stuff to deal with when it’s my baby. The first few nights the breathing was heavy, coughing and whining. No sleep for either of us. He was tired and sore. Bruises begin to appear. Meanwhile, Remy is on Phenobard, Doxy, baytril. Pending the blood work results from lab. Today Remy had blood work done at the Vet his platelets are at 70,000 from below 1,000.00 . I can’t tell you what caused his seizure but the platelets scared us all. We are still reaching for answers. His vet wants another test on Friday. He’s getting back to himself slowly. Like I said still pending labs.
    • So sorry - the first seizure is so scary - I reacted same as I had no idea what was happening :( Vet said it was a Grand Mal - we are looking at med options as she has a super sensitive stomach and the initial meds were too rough on her. Hang in there and sending you and your pup lots of positive thoughts, take care.
    • I’m so sorry. I hope you get the answers you need with this next test.
  • Hello dog friends
    My doodle had his first seizure today. It lasted 15 seconds.
    He has had diareah for two days. But has been eating grass. No vomiting. He has been his normal playful self. Eating, drinking & sleeping normal. His seizure happened this morning and I will be takinf him to the vet tomorrow morning.
    Any advice from similar situations or symtoms.
    My doodle will be 3 in august. He is an F1 labradoodle & F1 goldendoodle.
    Im so worried about him!

    He had
  • Hello fellow doodle owners and lovers. My girl started with seizures last month right before she turned 3. She had a few and vet decided to try keppra. No seizures for 3 weeks but last night had a break through 😕. It was definitely shorter and milder but still disheartening. I'm realizing she May need a higher dose or additional med. I'm hoping this group will share what meds or combos of meds have worked for them. Thank you! 🙏🏼❤️🐶
  • Next week, Adina will be interviewing a veterinary epilepsy specialist.
    Please put any questions that you would like to see addressed in THIS discussion:
    Got Epilepsy Questions?
    Next week, I will be interviewing a veterinarian who specializes in epilepsy. Got questions you want me to ask? Please comment here! (And please cons…
  • I have two dogs with seizure disorders.

    Dandy a 12-year old AKC Champion Maltese has had seizures in the past.

    Sasha, a 7-year old Jack Russell Terrier bites at the air which is an indication of a pre-seizure condition.

    Both of these dogs are on a regular regimen of Phenobarbital.

    Dandy has not experienced a seizure since we began the medication and Sasha has not had a seizure.

    Both dogs have their blood levels checked by our vet every six-months when it is time to refill the prescription.

    We get our prescription from our vet who calls it in to the Local COSTCO Pharmacy (which supplies some vet meds also),  The price of the Phenobarbital is not cheap but, less expensive than our vet could sell it for.

    All-in-all the Phenobarbital has been successful in preventing seizures in both dogs and is well worth the price.

  • I'll send a group message. I hope most group members have their notifications turned on so they get it. :) 

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New Epilepsy Diagnosis

My seven month old puppy (not a doodle) had his first seizure on Christmas Day, he had four seizures in fifteen hours. We ended up at a specialty clinic where he could be admitted and see a neurologist. All of the testing and imaging was normal, so,we were left with the diagnosis of epilepsy. He has been put on Keppra every 8 hours (tricky when I am single and work full time).Other than struggling to get my head around his diagnosis and what it might mean for our future, I am really struggling…

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1 Reply · Reply by Adina Jan 2, 2020

New to the Group - Oliver had a seizure

Oliver had a seizure yesterday afternoon.  He is 8 years old and this is a first, it lasted about 1 minute, he was on his side, shaking terribly, lost control of his bladder and drooling.  I tried comforting him during this but after his shaking stopped, he raised his head, still dazed and begin snarling at me.  This lasted about another couple of minutes and then he recognized me.   I brought him to my vet, he was so anxious and almost uncontrollable but she checked him out and did bloodworm…

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Here is what happened.My dog Jack Just turned 2 in January. 72 lbs. (Week prior I took him in to vets. because he seemed very very sleepy-they tested him for lyme and it was negative and they said he is a Healthy pup.)-then the below occurred.Last Saturday we heard a thump and he was on the living room floor-his lower body looked paralyzed and he could move only his upper. After a little more time he couldn't move his upper and this lasted a few min. We have zero experience with seizures so I…

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