This is a group for the people with senior citizen dogs....We can discuss about newly developing issues / other topics due to their aging.
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  • Yeah... thank you so much....poor old soul...... Yetser day while he was outside, he did bark at some yorkie, though. Still got some spirit.....

  • Oh Kyoko,

    Maybe with the low amount of exercise he is just not hungry. Not always a bad sign. My Mastiff weighed 140lb in his wild days but as time went he ate less.  When he died weighing 100lbs he still never looked too thin.  He may not need the calories as he once did.  I know, I don't

    My thoughts are with you.   It has not been that long ago ( 3 years ) that I lived with, and lived for my VERY elderly blind dog.  What a love. I'm here for you. Write me anytime.

  • Hugs to you and to Butter, Kyoko.
  • Butter ate about a cup of food all day for past few days. Today, I added a can of tuna to entice him to eat. He still wants to go outside , but he can hardly stand. My younger daughter - who is his favorite person is working in OH this summer, and she will be back on Wednesday for few days before she go back to school. I feel like he is just waiting for her to come home...... so sad.....
  • I just appriciate the fact that they continue to show you with their love and trust for us...
  • Chewy was a big clown. I miss playing with her and going through her commandments.  One big minus about her lossing her eyesight and hearing is she no longer comes when I signal her by patting my leg.  so far, she hasn't been startled when I touched.  She still has her sense of smell and she feels the floor when I walk on it.  It is sad though, when I have arrived at home from work, seeing her looking out of the window, looking for me and not realizing that I just came in the door.  I just drum the floor and then she comes to me all happy. 
  • The benefit(?) of hearing loss was the same for Butter. He was not afraid of fireworks this year, since he cannot hear that good... Sometimes Butter gets startled when I touch him from behind and/or when he is sleeping, since he cannot hear me approaching. So sorry to hear about Chewy's cancer.
  • Chewy sounds like a wonderful companion.  It is so hard when our pets get to this stage in life.  Sorry to hear Chewy has cancer.  How great that she is still enjoying life though. 

  • Her name is Chewy.  The profile picture is my son's dog name Loki.  I did not have any pictures of Chewy on my computer. 


  • I have a 13.5 pitbull who has oral cancer.  She most likely will not make it through the summer.  She is enjoying life but is starting to sleep more and more.  She seems to be mentally sharp and gets around very well even though she can't see and or hear well.  The lack of hearing has been a mix blessing.  This year during thunderstorms, she did not have the need to try to pretect me from it, but I can no long give get her attention or give her commandments without touching her. 
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As Samantha has gotten older I have found these annoying, not dangerous, fatty tumors. I have seen other big doodles with some really big one.Our vet says as long as they are not in the way of her walking then leave them. She has 1 medium sized one on her side and I am noticing pebble sized ones in other places - one near her spine around her hips. Has anyone found that they can push on the spine and cause pain or other issues? This is the one that has me concerned. When she went for her yearly…

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Support Rx sling

Does anyone have any experiences with this "Support RX sling" ?Does anyone know how does male dog pees with this sling on? It looks like rear support part would totally covers the area........

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Ozzy with a ferret.

I posted the question "Is your doodle good with small animals" on the main forum but i didn't think i should add a picture of Ozzy and our old ferret.So i will post it here.I used to have a ferret and Ozzy was good with him.Here is a picture of them sleeping together.

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Ozzy is turning into a brat.Help.

As dogs age do they get grumpy like some people do?I don't know if its Dakota my puppy thats making him grumpy or if he is just getting old and cranky.Dakota bugs him a lot and they are always trying to out alpha each other.These days Ozzy is marking every where,even in the house.Pet stores too.He has even become food posessive.I will give him a treat and then try to pet him.He then growls and tries to bite me.He never done any of these things before i got Dakota.Is it because of Dakota or old…

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