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We have Butter. He is a cream color Chow Chow, who will be truning 16 in few days! He is having a difficult time in this cold winter with arthritis a little worse than he did last winter.

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How beautiful he is! You have taken such good care of him!
Thank you... We can really see him aging now. Sleeping a lot, some accidents, aches, etc..... He still loves to eat, and going outside!! 

It happens to all of us, dogs and people too. Sleeping a lot, accidents, aches...dogs seem to age a lot more gracefully than we do.


I never had a dog this long.... When I was a little girl, we had a dog, but when my parents split up, the dog stayed with dad, so I don't knwo whatever happended to her.....I do think he is graceful... He cannot walk that much any more, but he loves to just stay in the yard and look aroun and enjoy himself....

Butter is very handsome.
Thank you!
OMG, he looks like a baby!!! So cute!! A friend of mine has 2 pugs, and until then, I never knew how much they shed!!!
I think most of doodles are pretty young.... newer breed.... I am like you. Because Butter shed so much, even though I love fluffy dogs, I cannot bring my self to get another Chow Chow and be burried in fur!!!

Butter is beautiful. 

Thank you....



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