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Does anyone have any experiences with this "Support RX sling" ?

Does anyone know how does male dog pees with this sling on? It looks like rear support part would totally covers the area........

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My sister used many devices for her male dog.  The best one was made and fitted especially for her dog. None of the pictures I remembered her sending me looked anything like this contraption. It must be used for lifting or assisting in steps only.. maybe?
What kind did she use? are they more like opened up tote? Butter seems to have difficulty walking even the shorter distance now. He does not seem to be in pain, but he gives up and sits/ lay down alot, like "oh, well. I 'll just sit here and watch Charlie..." But because he is not walking, it is not stimulating his bowel movement....

Eventually they went to a rear wheel  style of for her dog. 

Plopping down  makes sense and brings back memories.   Pete, who lived so many years past life expectancy also would just plop down and not move.   That sounds normal but I understand now, your concern for the BM's

You could add a 1/4 cup of corn maybe?  Of course, a food group discussion on this topic might work too.

With my babies, I had to add fruits.   Would Butter like some slicked apple? I think I also added a teaspoon of Karo Syrup.  At his age, too much sugar and tooth decay should not be a problem. Living to 16, is deserving enough to have any food they want IMO. 

As for the sling, for some problems I think they work for the dog and the humans.  Other cases, like my sisters, it was difficult on them both

How would you be using the sling?  Just to go outside for bathroom breaks?

I spoke with his vet, and I think I am going with the rear wheel cart as well. I don't know how much use we are going to get out of it, but I am sure he would enjoy it since it will allow him to get around better.... Plus the "area" is open, so I don't have to worry about how he would pee. Butter loves Sweet potato. So, I try to add soem to his food, or give it to him as a snack. He is a beautiful old man.... You are right Joanne, He does deserve whatever he want at this age!!



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