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  • Sounds like Lucy is doing wonderful for 6 months old. There are many stages of growth left to come so continued training on a daily basis is essential. Doodles are truly very smart!

  • Hi Everyone! It took me a while to find this group.  This is fantastic.  My dog is named Lucky and we are training together.  We take him to a training facility who trains service dogs and I train him mostly myself.  He passed the CGC a few weeks ago but I've noticed that one must keep up the commands or he forgets.  He is only 6 months old.  Doodles are so smart and I think he is getting smarter as he gets older.  

  • Thanks Melenie!
  • Hi Sue!!

    Yes, it's normal for complete tiredness.
  • Great!  This group is active again, thanks!  Tess is 2 also, we did not do a CGC test,as, she does what she needs to to help us, so we did not bother.

    Our biggest question now is: Is it 'normal' for our Service Dogs to lay down for awhile after an event in complete tiredness?

    Sue Mark & Tesoro

  • DeeAnn, thank you so much.
  • Congratulations Malenie!  Lucy looks like a beautiful girl.  All the hard work and training is worth it.  Hope you two have fun together in your new adventure. Thanks for sharing

  • I have a fantastic news. My beautiful princess Lucy passed her big test today. She is an officially service dog. I am so proud of her. It's a lot of work. It is like going to school everyday and will continue. I love her from moon and back. Doodles are the greatest dogs on earth and so smart. She is 2
  • The first thing I did to stop Tia barking or growling in the Dr. office was I ask the nurses and Dr. not to knock first.  She is use to barking when people come to the front door and when they knock she thinks the room is her space.   That worked well.  Then for one Dr. that towered over me but was a kind and gentle soul I let him pet her so she knew he would not hurt me or her.  Now that Dr. doesn't pet her and she just ignores everyone.

  • Congratulations Yana on River's sucessful restaurant trip. He is very handsome. Perhaps the nurses at the doctors office need a reminder not to interact with a service dog? I'm strict with no public interaction with my service dog so he does not get excited in public which could lead to barking.  Would anyone in the group like to share what training techniques they haveused when their service dog barked in public?

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Introducing Bell Star

This is Bell she is a Bernedoodle and she will be here day after tomorrow to be trained to take Tia's place when we retire her.  Tia will become our pet.  I just thought I would share.

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Retraining after surgery

For the last two months we have been dealing with Tia having a torn her ACL.  She had surgery 3 weeks ago.  She is confined to her crate except when I do range of motion exercises and she has to go outside to relieve herself.  I have been sleeping on the couch because she can't do stairs and to get to the bedrooms you have to go up and down stairs.  We have maybe as long as till April before she can go back to working as a service dog.  Through all of this her training has gone out the window.…

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Training help

I'm training Picco myself and he's good at walking indoors around pet stores. I haven't taken him into any other places yet. He is good around people and other dogs in the stores. My problem is when we take walks/runs in the neighborhood. He gets distracted by every dog he hears or sees. I make him sit and get his attention before moving on. Sometimes this works but there is a couple of instances where he is completely obsessed with the other dogs (I guess they are sending out special vibes)…

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