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  • Hi all,

    I currently have a wonderful Phantom Goldendoodle - Cocoa who is 11-1/2, a bit creaky, but otherwise still going strong. I am however thinking down the line and have been considering a Sheepdoodle. I grew up with an OES and love the breed, but am now a doodle fan! I am pretty concerned about all the Instagram accounts for Sheepadoodle (and Bernedoodles) breeders - vetting them seems to be an issue. They all claim on their websites to do “health testing” etc., but I can’t find much follow up on their dogs as they grow up. It seems like several people here have had their Sheepadoodles for some time so might have some insight. I am also interested in seeing color changes from puppy to adult. All the breeder websites seem to show darling puppies, but the only adult dogs pictured are the single breed parents. I would want a standard, not a mini, and am able to travel anywhere for meeting the parents, puppy selection and pickup. I feel pretty strongly about being able to meet the parents and pick my own puppy at about 5 weeks or so (of course not going home until a few weeks later). I would love to hear thoughts here and/or feel free to DM me with breeder recs. Thank you!
    • Lynda Kamrath (see comment below yours) has experience with a breeder in WA that does some of the big doodle mixes like sheepadoodles--no website though, just a FB page but I do know she's been at it a long time and does health testing. I personally don't trust anyone doing the "new" mixes, especially because there is no breed club accountability.
  • Welcome to the Sheepadoodle group.  Love to see photos of your pup.

  • Although I do not have any pictures to post we now have a Sheepadoodle puppy.

    He is 11 weeks old.  Almost  housebroken but in the biting stage.

  • We are all moved (finally) and enjoying the new house.  Chica has become a very big girl (65 pounds) and is adjusting to the new digs.  We stop frequently at the dog park on the way home for them to run.  I let the boys run on the property but until the gate has been installed, I don't let Chica loose because she could get onto the highway.  The other dogs (usually) respond to being called, but she is too impetuous.  She has to be on leash on our five acres.

  • Still waiting for the house to close but keeping busy now the dogs are with us. They enjoy the rain, which I am getting used to. Expecting to be moved in the begiming of April. Yep, Berniedoodles are expensive and I also love them. I would also like one in my future.
  • Hi sheepadoodle friends! Bella went to groomer(we are mid puppy-adult hair so it was a mess!). If I can get a good pic (black dogs hard to photograph) I'll post. 

    She went swimming yesterday at a dog park! Maybe now getting her in the tub @ groomer won't be a nightmare!

    Hope you are all having a blast. My daughter saw a pic of a Berne-doodle (only $3000! YIKES) I told her NOT ON MY INCOME!

    Doodle hugs to all. Lynda-hope your move is done and you are unpacked. 

    Chrissita-hope Rosie enjoyed her groom yesterday!


    Karen and Bella

  • Can't find the new member info. Please post again.
  • Hi. This is Rosie. This picture is 2 months old so she is much bigger now. She is 5months old and approximately 50 pounds. She is incredibly sweet and bouncy. She started her first training lesson yesterday. The trainer was very impressed with her demeanor and intelligence. She is a complete joy. We have two other dogs , one is a shiapoo , and two cats. We definitely have a full house! I'm delighted to be in this group. I hope to connect with all of you.
  • Greetings all! This is an old pic of Bella she's 6 months now. Most people think she is a Port.Water Dog bc she looks like BO (the Obama's dog) except no white feet! Had her groomed short before her spay-wondering if her hair will grow back LOL

    I think they cut off the puppy fur! It's no longer silky. Guess we may have fur/hair like sheep dogs...

    I'll try to post more recent photos. I have a friend that for some dang reason cannot get into this group! I told her it was no longer a "closed" group and sent her the direct link. Her name is Christine Celek and her sheepadoodle is a bit younger than mine (5 mo) and is named Rosie!. Hope we can both get on but Lynda may end up kicking us off bc we are old friends and are very silly! 

    Nice to meet you Sam-guess we have 2 Bella's in the group! What fun!

    Sheepadoodle hugs to all,

    Dr Karen and her BELLA!

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