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Photo from 3 years ago.  Calling all  Doodles to come join us to celebrate Mother's Day just a week later.  Do you want to get back to our sit or down stay to see which Doodle stays the longest?

Brunch:  11:30 AM to 1 PM. 12430 Seal Beach Blvd. Meet at tables with umbrellas between buildings.

Romp: 1 PM to  3:00 PM.  Arbor Dog Park. 4665 Lampson between Valley View & Seal Beach Blvd. Dirt driveway on the North side of Lampson between Rose and Heather Streets.

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Sorry to say, we will have to miss this month. Lots going on, each weekend...See you all in June! 

We will be there if we can.  We might be transporting a dog for the rescue. 

Sorry to miss this one. My 11 year old has a golf tournament. Please tell everyone Bo says hello!

Ro, Stuart and Trish, we will miss you!

Nancy and Skip, will you be coming for Brunch and romp?  Anyone else coming for Brunch? 

We ARE planning to come.  I just checked the rain forecast but it doesn't look good. I'll keep checking.  Dog transportation is being done by some one else. 

Hopefully it will be all rained out by Sunday.   

Looks like lots of rain starting Saturday night through Sunday morning anyway. :-(

Just saw that it is raining in Seal Beach. Just had the dogs groomed, so we are going to sit this one out!

We aren’t going to brave the bad weather. See you all next month.  

Carolyn, it seems like the weather is still bad in Seal Beach. Here it already stopped raining. I'm still willing to make the drive but not if none of the regulars will be there.

Helga, Thank you so much for the phone call.  We also won't be going to Brunch or the Romp today.  

The 3rd Sunday in June is Father's day.  Would everyone want to Brunch and Romp on the 4th Sunday in June 23rd ? 

June 23 is a good date for us. 



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