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These photos are just a small part of the huge group photo that was taken last year at the Nat'l Doodle Romp.  5 of our Doodle Romp families are in these photos.  First photo was a fun shot of setting up. 

Romp: 10 AM to  noon.  Arbor Dog Park. 4665 Lampson between Valley View & Seal Beach Blvd. Dirt driveway on the North side of Lampson between Rose and Heather Streets.

We'll all gather as you face the park in the Front far right side of the park. 

Brunch:  Noon after Romp to as long as you want to visit.. 12430 Seal Beach Blvd. Meet at tables with umbrellas between buildings.

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Thanks for adding this, Carolyn.  Do you guys bring chairs and sit or just stand around because of the crowd?

No chair laws. Bring what would make the day best for you.

Yay! Thank you so much for posting this. We'll be there!

McLeaster's will be there!

How did the Romp go last Saturday?  Did anyone take photos?

I thought of all of you while we were in Palm Springs with the thermometer reaching 104.5 in the shade on our patio.

It was so fun, Carolyn! My 11 year old son and I brought Bo "the lion" to meet and play with the 100 doodles there from 10 to noon. A soccer match was going on next door so we were glad we arrived a few minutes early. The next day we went to Pet Expo (this year, dogs were permitted) so it turned into a doodle weekend for us! 


Trish, I bet Bo got lots of 'double takes' with his Lion grooming.  Thank you for sharing your photos. Did you see many from our S. CA Doodlekisses club?

A few. Parking was kind of a dumpster fire with the soccer and food truck.  

I took photos last Saturday. 

But we got a better offer and went to watch our granddaughter play Ninja Warrior.  :-}

Neat equipment! Can I come play on the rings?

Your granddaughter does the splits very well on her toes!

:-) Carolyn. When shall we schedule the next romp?

Nice photos, Trish.



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