Are there any doodles around South Texas? If so, please join this group so we can get together and romp. Nacho and Pancho, the Texas Bandits
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  • Hello to all. Sorry that I have not shown up much lately, but it is so incredibly exciting to see that there are other doodles in the area. Let´s plan a doodle romp in the near future. I will be out of town until the end of the month, but let´s keep in touch. Nacho and Pancho will be as happy as their mom. Best, Alicia
  • Welcome to DoodleKisses Laurie and Buddy. You have a great looking doodle Laurie. We have two Labradoodles that were rescued from a N. Texas puppy mill. One is about 2 now and the other is about 5. They had alot of issues when we adopted them last year, but they have come along way from where they had been, considering they lived in cages all their life. We live in Victoria, and your correct with doodles not being a populat breed down in these parts. We have only ran across 3 others here in Victoria. People just don't know what they are missing with this breed and especially how loving they are. We fostered a doodle for DRC that was an owner surrender, and it is amazing how much they eat up loving when they have not had any. Hopefully one day we can all meet up for a doodle romp.
  • Hello. Just joined We are interested in meeting other doodles here in Corpus Christi. Not a popular breed down here. Our Goldendoodle's name is Buddy. He is 8 1/2 months old.
  • Hi! We are in Austin but originally from Laredo. What area in South Texas are you in?
  • Hi Alicia, I am in Del Rio, Texas. I think we are still quite a distance to you. I have a GD 8mos old, Got him at 6 mos old. In January I am getting a chocolate labradoodle. I know there are some doodles in Del Rio just can seem to get up with them.
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Three Doodle puppies in Lewisville shelter need homes!

There are 3 Doodle puppies in a Lewisville, TX shelter who need help. I decided to post this to your group because the most immediate help for these puppies will come from someone already located in Texas. I realize Lewiswille is a distance from your area, but someone here may know someone further north who would be interested in one of these Doodles.I have posted a link to their Petfinder listing below. The ad was posted by the All Texas Family Rescue as a courtesy (the rescue does not have…

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