Calling all the Doodles in the Spokane area. I've seen you...everywhere...let's be the new gang of pure joy! I'm in my office all day...message me.
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  • Anyone from Spokane area around?

  • I'm sorry I didn't see your comment sooner! You probably just left town. There are only a couple of "official" dog parks, but we have our own places we meet up that are beyond excellent, safe and beautiful, too!! I can't believe there are only 2 members either...but I guess all of my friends don't feel the need to sign up on Doodle Kisses when I arrange all of our weekly get-togethers by texting and e-mails! So Sorry I missed meeting you. Please try again next time you are here!!!
  • I can't believe there are only 2 Spokane members! Anyway,I come to Spokane frequently. I will there for the next 10 days and wonder if there are good dog parks to have a mini doodle romp?
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