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  • Anyone who acquired a puppy or dog from Avonlee Labradoodles might want to read information on forum: Labradoodles in Shelter.  As well, visit my page and view the latest dogs rescued from Avonlee. 

  • Hey Holly weighs 22 lbs!
  • Thank you Ann!
  • Hi Ann,

    Just wanted to let you know that I joined the Avonlee Family Group a few days ago. Dorothy
  • Hi to all the the Avolee Family group,
    My name is Sandy. We adopted Bindy last February - she couldn't be more perfect. Bindi will turn 1 year old tomorrow-Nov.7. Bindy's Mom is Jiffy and her Dad is Joey.
  • So, how did your visitors like Tuffy? If not, who? Ooh, I'm soooo nosey!
  • Meanies...I'll bet he runs! There is one dog especially at the dog park that is a bully. He's only small but he chases Finn constantly and nips him hard. I don't let it go on at all. I don't want Finn developing a complex either; it's taken time, effort and energy to develop his confidence. I wish I could scoop Tuffy up!
  • Too bad about Tuffy Ann. Finn would make the perfect playmate. It kills me that we can only have the one dog. I bet, like Finn, Tuffy would be no trouble at all. I'm eagerly watching Tuffy's progress; sweet boy.
  • With Britnee, now I can join. Yippee!
  • I remember when 'Tuffy' first made an appearance. All curled up and smooth with teeny-tiny ears. What a cutie. I bet he and Uncle Finny would really get on. I hope the family coming to see Tuffy will not be concerned if he is a little shy. Finny was a little shy at first, but to see hm now you would never know! I can't wait to take him to his class tomorrow.
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Some of you allready know each other, but, introduce yourself anyway, your name, your doodles name, and your doodles mom's name, Than way everyone will know who each other and their doodles are. !!!

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