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WELCOME TO THE FOOD GROUP - This group was started in an attempt to present well-researched and FACT-based information on the amazingly complicated and confusing issue of feeding our dogs. There are also many issues we would like to explore. We thought it would be helpful to put all of these questions, information, and feedback into one place here on DK where everyone can find it, contribute to it, ask questions, and learn together. 


We started this group because of personal experiences with many of the issues that are commonly discussed on dog forums regarding food, and because these experiences have led us to do extensive research in an attempt to obtain FACT-BASED knowledge of these issues, rather than relying on anecdotes, myths, and junk-science, much of it put out there by people who are trying to sell something. The 2007 pet food recalls in which thousands of dogs and cats died or were permanently sickened by foods that contained melamine from China substituted for glutens had a profound effect on some of us, and this group was started as an attempt to help educate others on manufacturing practices and pet nutrition so that they can avoid losing beloved pets because of unacceptable foods made by "Big Dog Food" companies. There are also many issues we would like to explore. We thought it would be helpful to put all of these questions, information, and feedback into one place here on DK where everyone can find it, contribute to it, ask questions, and learn together.  
 You can start a new discussion if you have a question, or you can continue in an existing discussion if you prefer. Please do try to use the search feature before starting a new discussion, though, to help eliminate duplicate discussions on the same topics. You can search through past discussions for a topic by clicking "View All" at the bottom of the Food Group discussion forum, and then entering a word or phrase in the box. You will usually find lots of info and possibly the answer to your question. There is a wealth of information here from many good sources.  

Products on our recommended lists have been screened not just for the ingredients themselves, but also for the sourcing of the ingredients.

Membership in this group is voluntary. Everyone is free to feed their dog whatever they choose, but it is assumed that you are here because you want to learn about better nutritional and commercial food options. All questions are welcome. Proselytizing, however, is not welcome. If you want to feed your dog Beneful or Ol' Roy, that's your right, and if you want to learn why those foods may be dangerous to your pet's health, we're happy to tell you. But recommendations for these, Iams, Purina, Hill's, and other products  that have killed other group members' dogs are not okay here, and may result in your being suspended from the group. Similarly, if you believe that the only proper way to feed a dog is with a prey model raw diet, that all kibbles are harmful, and/or that raw food or "holistic" diets and/or supplements such as coconut oil will cure diseases or health conditions, this is not the right group for you. We are fact based. Anyone recommending raw feeding or any type of holistic diet or supplement as a cure or treatment for allergies or illnesses will be suspended from the group.  

Welcome, and thanks for reading!


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  • our dogs primarily eat zignature pork canned food, which they eat at designated mealtimes not free fed. but they also enjoy playing with a treat dispensing toy.  we have been using orijen fit and trim kibble in the treat toy and they probably eat 1/4 cup or less each day.  now that orijen is no longer a recommended food, how do we figure out what food to use instead?  i tried to match the nutritional profile with other foods on the list but i must not know how to do that since nothing seemed close to a match.  i know that this isn't as important as switching the entire diet but i want to do it right.  any ideas?


    • Basically you just need a kibble that is lower in fat and fish and/or poultry based. Since the kibble makes up a very small percentage of your dog's diet, you don;t need to match the nutritional profile exactly. The current Orijen kibble you are using is grain free, poultry and fish based, contains 425 calories per cup, and has 13% fat. You might consider Wellness Simple, either the salmon & potato formula or the turkey & potato formula. You could even alternate between the two. They are grain free, 12% fat and contain 430 calories (turkey) and 446 calories (salmon), so prettty close. 

    • thanks.  we will try that.  i wasn't sure which things should match.  you are so kind to share your vast knowledge especially about food but so many other things too

    • There's also Wellness Simple Healthy Weight - it's salmon based and 394 kcal/cup and very low in fat (9%). 

    • Thanks, J. I was not aware of that one. That would be an excellent choice. 

  • Karen, The vet gave Andie Baytril for  UTI.  Should I be giving him a probiotic?  Also, 12 hours after the 1st pill he refused to eat.  I know loss of appetite is a side-effect of Baytril.  Andie really doesn't need to lose weight.  Any hints as how to get this boy to eat?




    • Andie is gorgeous!

    • Thanks,  Nancy. 

    • A probiotic isn't a bad idea, but make sure he gets it at least two hours apart from the Baytril. 
      The inappetance is tough, because the Baytril is less likely to cause nausea or stomach upset when given with food. Maybe a scrambled egg? 
      And i just have to say how gorgeous Andie is. He has such a beautiful face! 

    • The scrambled egg worked wonders for 2 meals. He did eat only half of his kibble with the egg.  This morning Andie refused to eat and threw up bile.  Would  Pepsid AC help?  If so, where in the mix with the probiotic and Baytril?  As always, I  appreciate your help.

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Digestive Issues

Hey everyone, I've been a part of this forum since we got Angus as a baby and he turned 8 years old in July!I still periodically come back here for food information. That being said my second son was born in January and Angus seems to have had a tougher time adjusting. He has always been a not-so-great eater, but his eating definitely fell off in the last 10 months. He started throwing up regularly (usually bile) and we were at the vet repeatedly to figure out what was going on. The vet felt…

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3 Replies · Reply by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle Nov 26

Well, It Finally Happened. Mars has purchased Champion Foods, which is Orijen & Acana. :(

https://www.petproductnews.com/news/mars-petcare-to-acquire-champion-petfoods/article_21a80000-59f7-11ed-8d4a-1723d2d25226.html?fbclid=IwAR3SEIp0_oHf93mBSl5tAkHYpMxEb42QNOwdnGIGQOUnm7aq60FzZq5FRgAI will be removing these brands from our recommended list. If anyone who is currently feeding a Champion product would like to switch to another brand, post here and we will help you. 

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28 Replies · Reply by J, Riley and Toby Nov 17

Pica and iron deficiency?

We adopted our standard poodle, Philo, from a local shelter last November. He was 2.5 years old, and he weighed only 45 pounds (he is about 24 inches tall at the shoulder). His ribs and hip bones were very prominent--though he has a hard poodle coat, so they weren't visible.As you might expect, he exhibited a number of problem behaviors that have greatly improved in the 4.5 months he has been with us. When he came home with us, we started him on Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast, because…

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Low Fat Formulas From Our recommended Brands List

Thanks to J, Riley & Toby for doing the research and sharing this with us.  Riley has chronic pancreatitis (has to maintain a low fat diet) and she has been on Fromm Weight Management Gold and doing very well - it's only 11% fat on a dry matter basis.   Here is a short list I made when I was trying to find a new food for Riley last year.  Keep in mind these are the Canadian website links, I don't know if the formulas for the US are different. Brand Food Fat% Protein% Omega 6:3 Fiber%…

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Hungry Bark for Puppy/Grain Free Updates

Hi everyone - it's been a while since I've been on DK (teddy has lymphoma but is in remission currently and we just got a new puppy, Oliver) but I've just gotten home from the vet and had some questions to run by the group :) Oliver is 13 weeks old and is still on the food the breeder sent home with him (TLC - which I've never heard of before - any thoughts?). I feed Teddy home-cooked food because he's always had gastro issues and he does well on it. I've decided it's a lot of work though and…

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20 Replies · Reply by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle Oct 28, 2021

Food for Sensitive Stomach

I'm putting this here for the OP.    Alexis October 6, 2021 at 9:17am    Hi All, I'm moving my original post to the food group!  I'm new to this group and came across this website while searching for the best foods for goldendoodle with sensitive stomaches. I have an 11month old F1 standard goldendoodle named Meatlof, he's about 70 pounds now and he's not a "picky" eater but he does have digestive problem and we've switched his food from core wellness complete to blue Buffalo basics food…

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