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WELCOME TO THE FOOD GROUP - This group was started in an attempt to present well-researched and FACT-based information on the amazingly complicated and confusing issue of feeding our dogs. There are also many issues we would like to explore. We thought it would be helpful to put all of these questions, information, and feedback into one place here on DK where everyone can find it, contribute to it, ask questions, and learn together.



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Taurine-Deficient (Nutritional) Dilated Cardiomyopathy FB Group

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Inexpensive Frozen Food

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Teething puppy is loosing appetite

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Fromm. help!

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So I just went to my local go to for pet food and got the worst news ever. Our high end food chain Rens is no longer going to be carrying Fromm. None of it. What am I going to do?! It took me forever…Continue

Preferred dry food question

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Transitioning Fromm formulas

Started by Josh Adams. Last reply by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle Feb 28. 7 Replies

Sam is almost 14 months. We want to transition him off of Fromm Large Breed Puppy formula to one of the Four-Star line recipes. He's tried samples before and loves it. Do we need to mix the formulas…Continue

Recommended Dog Treat Brands as of APRIL 2015

Started by Allyson, Peri & Taquito. Last reply by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle Feb 26. 367 Replies

Finally!  Going to get a discussion started with good (and safe) dog treats! As a reminder, any treats made from a company listed in our Recommended Foods list will work, so I am not going to list…Continue

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Comment by Minda and Callie on February 19, 2019 at 12:49pm

Thank you Karen and Laura!

Comment by Laura and Angus on February 19, 2019 at 11:58am

I'm gonna throw it out there that our pup really enjoys green beans (canned). We put those, mashed sweet potato, or canned carrots on his food and he really likes that. Our pup isn't a big eater to begin with (he often eats part of his breakfast or skips a meal here and there), but he does enjoy having some veggies with his food when hungry.

Comment by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on February 19, 2019 at 11:40am

Info from one of the many discussions about the green bean diet:
Reply by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on January 11, 2016 at 7:50amDelete

The most painless way is "the green bean diet", which has worked well for many people here. 

Green beans have only 40 calories per cup, so you can replace a small portion of the dog's kibble with a nice sized portion of green beans, the dog feels full, and he gets less calories. And the green beans add fiber, which is usually a good thing. 

For example, if you gave Yogi a half cup of the Pacifica twice a day and added a half cup of green beans to each meal, he'd be getting a larger volume of food (one full cup at each meal) but he'd be getting 65 fewer calories per day. (One quarter cup less of Pacifica per day saves 105 calories, and the full cup of green beans adds only 40, so the net caloric loss is 65.) 

Many people fight me on this part, but it's true: Most dogs prefer the canned no-sodium added green beans to fresh or frozen. I know to us, canned green beans are disgusting, but to dogs they are usually more appealing. Many people who said their dogs wouldn;t eat the fresh or frozen green beans were amazed when they tried the canned. Even JD will eat them, and he is the world's ultimate carnivore, lol. It also helps if you warm the beans slightly with a little of the liquid before adding to the dog's bowl. 

Comment by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on February 19, 2019 at 11:36am

Minda, it would be easier to answer your questions in a discussion format rather than as a comment here in the Comments section. 
No need to change foods, just implement the green bean diet. Lots of info here about it in the discussion section of the Food Group. 

Comment by Minda and Callie on February 19, 2019 at 11:30am

My mini needs to go on a diet. My vet says he is about 4 pounds overweight. I was feeding both of mine Fromm. Right now Pork and Peas. I switched Henry to the diet Fromm and he hates it. He tolerates a few bites and then patiently waits for his sister to stop eating to grab a few bites of hers. He has been on it for about 3 weeks and no change on his weight. Any suggestions on a good kibble for him for weight loss until we can get out and exercise more after this harsh winter?

Comment by Frank & TeddyToyDoodle on February 19, 2019 at 7:06am

"My vet recommends them ( because she sells them) but I do not use them because they are rawhide." 

That's what I was wondering.  It says "beef hide" in the ingredients but I am not sure that is the same thing as rawhide.  I've never given Teddy rawhide products but he finally reversed some of his tartar buildup and his staples have been Greenies (he likes them but for some reason not the Merrick's), the CET strips, Earth Animal sticks, and Hundurs Fish Jerky Minis.  All offer some kind of abrasiveness which I think helped stop and then reverse the tartar.

Comment by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on February 19, 2019 at 5:32am

Earthborn is a good brand.

Comment by Laura and Angus on February 19, 2019 at 5:30am

We have used Earthborn Holistic since before my pup was 1 (he's now 4.5) and they have a fish option called Coastal Catch that includes a number of different fish (herring, salmon, and pacific whiting). We go back and forth between the fish and bison mostly (he didn't love the lamb) to keep our pup interested. No complaints!

Comment by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on February 17, 2019 at 2:52pm

Well, there are a lot of good fish based foods among the brands that we do recommend. Just about every brand makes at least one fish based food. 

Comment by Sue & Lily Grace on February 17, 2019 at 2:40pm

 It was a store clerk in the little boutique store that I buy my Acana in. Lily has been on Acana for six years and has never had a problem but I’m so concerned about them selling out to Purina that I want to do some research to see what else I can get for her.  Her vet suggested about six months ago to switch her from the duck to fish that it might be a cooler food for her allergies.  After all these years with good results I hate the fact that Champion may sell out. 


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