Advice needed on Oscar's diet

Hey everyone! I've had Oscar on Fromm's Gold Coast Weight Management food with a little Acana Lamb and Apple mixed in. I've found the perfect balance to keep Oscar at a healthy weight of 60lbs. Oscar has developed a couple problems the past several weeks, and I'm doing a little sleuthing to figure out what it is. First of all, he's developed a bad case of red yeast, which for those of you who have cream-colored dogs, know how disgusting it can look. Its not just hair around his eyes that get that deep, dark red staining, but his beard and anus as well. Its more than just cosmetic too. Although consistency is the same as always, his poops smell much worse than they ever did before, he has terrible stinky gas, and terrible smelling breath. A week ago I was feeling so bad that I must be doing something inadvertently to cause this problem. His last bag of Fromm came from a different source than usual,, when Petflow didn't have it in stock. I remember thinking when I opened the bag, that it smelled different than I was accustomed to, but I'd used before back when the shut down was in place, and had no problems with that bag. I didn't think it was the food. The other thing I had changed was the daily yogurt I gave him. I changed from yogurt to greek yogurt, not even thinking there was a big difference. I've since learned greek yogurt has more protein but less probiotics. I immediately switched back to yogurt, and now add a little kefir to it to up the probiotic content. He's only been on this for 4 days and already his gas has subsided and I may be imagining it, but his poops don't seem to smell so bad. I'm not sure about his breath. The red staining may take months to clear if it ever does. In past episodes of red yeast (there's been a few over the years of having light-colored doodles) after a course of antibiotics for other problems the red yeast would be eliminated.

My question is, does anyone think I should buy another bag of Fromm from another source? Should I just give it more time on the new yogurt regimen and see how he does? Should I talk to the vet? From past experience I've learned that vets don't give red yeast much notice. They tend to think its just cosmetic.


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  •  I just replied to your comment, but I like this format better, I'm glad you posted it as a discussion.

    I think it's just cosmetic too, lol. :)
    I'd be surprised if one bag of food could make that much difference so quickly, assuming that there's something "off" about the food to begin with. Maybe stay with the new yogurt regimen for a bit and see what happens. You might even consider giving a good probiotic like Proviable, which supposedly has strains of good bacteria that are more beneficial for dogs than yogurt. 
    You could also talk to you vet about Tylan. It's a very benign antibiotic that would take care of the red staining; in fact, it used to be an ingredient in the Angel Eyes supplements that people use for tear staining. 

    • Hey, thanks Karen... Years ago I tried Angel Eyes and it gave him or her (I've forgotten which dog it was!) severe diarrhea so that was a no-go. I'll look into Proviable, but I'm in the early stages now of adding Kefir, and I understand you need to start slow with that and build up slowly to avoid intestinal upset. Kefir may be all that's needed, probiotic wise. Never before with any cases of red yeast has it caused the issues Oscar's dealing with this time. I think its just a really bad case. 

      • I think I will take him to the vet though. I hate to think he's in any pain or distress with this.

        • Talk to the vet about Tylan. I'm not sure what might have caused the dog's diarrhea in the past from Angel Eyes, but Tylan is actually used to treat diarrhea in dogs with IBD, it won't cause it. 
          I doubt that the red staining is causing any pain or discomfort, but it never hurts to get things checked out. 

          • I don't know, either, but because Angel Eyes wasn't cheap I tried it a 2nd time a week later and the same thing happened. Maybe it was something in the formulation other than the Tylan. 

          • Also, I'm certain the red staining isn't causing discomfort. Its the internal stuff I'm concerned about.

            • I'm just afraid the vet will tell you to feed him Purina for that, lol. 

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