Can’t source orijen

Hi everyone, our 5 month old puppy has been in orijen puppy (yellow one) and doing really well on it. Unfortunately it is extremely hard to source in Australia especially due to covid. I'm thinking I may have to change to something else (so disappointing as we are so happy with it). Any suggestions on the best alternative ?

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  • Jess, can you tell us what brands that are on our Recommended list are available to you? Wellness CORE puppy would be one good replacement, but I'm not sure what you can get there.
    Alternately, are there high end brands that we don't have here? 
    What you are looking for is a grain-free formula with a high protein percentage and a low Omega 6:3 ratio. If you let me know what brands are available to you, I can help you choose.

    • Thanks so much Karen! We do have wellness core actually! As well as canidae, earthborn,, vetalogica, whole earth farm, nutra but none of them ingredient wise seem to be as good as orijen? 

      • I've done some further research and this one seems to be the most similar Australian brand. It's called vetalogica and these are the ingredients. Does it look good? 7194088053?profile=RESIZE_930x

        • 7194092665?profile=RESIZE_930x

          • Without verifying sources, I can't say whether or not it's "good". The ingredients look fine and the protein content is comparable to Orijen, but the fat content is very low & the fiber is low, (which means carbs are higher) and the Omega 6:3 ratio is 5:1, which is okay. 
            Wellness Core Ocean formula, on the other hand, has more fat, more than double the fiber, and an Omega 6:3 ratio of 1.5 to 1, which is outstanding. The Wild Game and Lamb formulas also look good. 
            Really, any of these should work for you. 

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