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i see that Canidae is listed as a recommended brand.. does anyone know if the under the sun grain free puppy food is any good?  It seems to be a lower price point and I’m not sure if it is lower quality ingredients.   Looking for a grain free food for my puppy to switch to.


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Any formula from any of our recommended brands is a safe food, which is reliably sourced and contains no questionable or harmful ingredients. 

That said, every formula is not right for every dog. Some need higher or lower macronutrient percentages, some need no grains, some need limited ingredients, etc.
Canidae is one of the less expensive brands on our recommended list. They makes 4 or 5 lines. Pricing of most foods within a brand is going to depend on the ingredients and protein content, and you will find that the different lines have different price points. The Under the Sun line is a grain free food with a moderate protein level. It would be fine for most dogs. The quality of the ingredients is fine. There is not as much variation in terms of different formulas with different protein sources in the U.T.S. line as there is in some of their other lines.

When switching foods, you need to look at the macronutrient percentages and nutritional profile of the current food. If the dog is doing well on it, you want to try to match thise things in the new food. If not, you may want to look at something with higher or lower protein or fat, fewer ingredients, a different protein source, etc. 

Also, keep in mind that you cannot judge the price of a food by the price of the bag. There are significant differences in the calories per cup of different dog foods. With lower calorie formulas, you are going to have to feed more; if you go through a bag of a "cheaper" food in 2 weeks, and you would go through an equal amount of a more expensive food in in 3 weeks, maybe the "pricier" food is going to cost you less over time. 

Thanks.  I have some research to do!  Our breeder had him in puppy chow so any food will be a step in the right direction!  I still have another week before I’ll start to switch him but just trying to understand the difference between the types.  I’m really leaning toward the wellness core  but the analyst in me needs to compare them al!  Thanks for your insights

Wellness Core is an excellent food. If I were looking for a new food for a puppy, it would be high on my list. 



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