Chew recommendations for doodle with a sensitive stomach?

Hello, I have looked at the recommended treat brands link and I saw some "chews" mentioned in the dicussion area that have the seal of approval (Himalayan chews and Paragon which I think are Whimzees). I'm wondering if there are any chews that are specifically recommended by this group for doodles with sensitive stomachs? I have given C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews and Whimzees in the past. My dog doesn't always get excited about the C.E.T. chews but she does well with them when she eats them. She likes Whimzeez but they dont seem to be as easy on her stomach. I haven't tried the Himalayan Chews yet. I know which smaller treats she does well with but would love recommendations of good chews that will keep her busy for longer.  

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  • Chews for dogs with sensitive stomachs are tough. You generally need something low in fat and highly digestible, which is where the problem comes in. Anything that lasts any length of time usually isn't highly digestible. :)
    The Whimzees are just about the only thing that my Poodle has a problem digesting, so I'd advise staying away from those. 
    I have had very good luck with beef tendons. 
    I'd also try the Himalayan chews. 
    And I recommend trying antlers. Whole ones for dogs who are powerful chewers, and the split ones for dogs who are smaller and/or less enthusiastic in their chewing.
    Pig ears or cow ears might be another good option. 
    Beef tracheas last a while and I've had good luck with them, but they may not be the easiest thing on some dogs' stomachs.
    My labradoodle had Inflammatory Bowel Disease and wasn't allowed any edible chews. His Internal Medicine specialist recommended the Nylabone Durachews as the only thing that would be safe for him. Nylabone makes dozens of different chews, so be careful with this. Make sure it's the non-edible Durachew line only. They come in flavors that are appealing to dogs, like bacon or peanut butter, but they are not edible and can't really upset the stomach. When dogs gnaw at them, all they can get off of them are tiny pieces about the size of grains of rice, and those pass right through them. They are also hypoallergenic for dogs with food allergies. The only downside is that they just don't appeal to some dogs, but it's worth trying. 


  • We almost exclusively give Nylabones (the hard, tough chewer kind not the kind that are "edible", though these still break down into tiny pieces that are either ingested or get stuck in the carpet ;-))  

    The 5 dogs we've had in total ALL love Nylabones.   I'm so happy with them, I just don't even bother with bully sticks, animal parts, etc.  If your dog doesn't love it immediately, rub it on some concrete or rough hard surface to get it rough on one edge...somehow that makes it more appealing.  

    • Yes. Jack always started very slowly until he had a rough edge somewhere. 
      This is the one I used to buy him:

  • And similar to the non-edible Nylabones are Benebones, which are also recommended. I never tried them with Jack, and Jasper is not interested, but my friend's Golden retriever loves them.

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    • Yup.  My dogs love the wishbone shaped Benebone.... BUT they blend into the floor and rugs and we HATE them.  Ouchy to step on!

  • Himalayan chews do NOT last for Riley at all, she can crack one in half inside 5 minutes and then they become a choking hazard, she hasn't had one since she was about 7 months old.  She is big and an aggressive chewer and really the only things that stand up to her are the "wolf-sized" or "Souper" sized Nylabone dura bones like the one Karen linked. 

    She used to like whole antlers but she grinds even those down too quickly so we stopped giving them to her.  The edible treats like tracheas seem to give her minor digestive upset so now she really just gets the nylabones.  

  • Thank you all. She has several non-edible Nylabones. She likes them but I like to give her something that's more of an edible treat when I'm leaving. I definitely don't want to give anything that could become a choking hazard, and knowing Ellie, she would be like Riley and destroy the Himalayan chew in minutes so that's good to know. It's always safe to fill a Kong with peanut butter, and that keeps her occupied for a little while. I've tried antlers before but she breaks them apart pretty quickly / easily and it worries me. I haven't tried beef tendons so may try that. Thanks again for the responses and suggestions 

    • Just keep in mind that there is no food on earth that is higher in calories or fat than peanut butter. :)

      So just to clarify, you are looking more for something to keep her occupied when you aren't home rather than something she can chew, which has dental benefits? 

      Choking would be a real concern for me if I wasn't there to supervise, with things like Himalayan chews or antlers, anything that could break into good sized chunks.  

      • Correct, I'm looking to give her something to keep her occupied when I'm leaving. I like that some of the chews have dental benefits, but that's not my primary goal. Her teeth are pretty clean. She hasn't had bad breath in quite a while but one time when she did, the vet recommended the C.E.T. Enzymatic chews. They don't seem to cause any stomach upset, but Ellie's just not very excited about them and has been known to leave them discarded on the floor without really chewing them.

        I absolutely do not want to give her anything she could choke on. The way she eats the C.E.T. chews she doesn't break off pieces. I have also never been concerned about her choking on the Whimzees and have watched her eat enough of those to know it's safe, but they seem to be upsetting her stomach.  I bought antlers once and took them away pretty quickly because she was breaking pieces off. It doesn't sound like Himalayan chews are a good idea for her...they wouldn't last long with her. She only has very specific Nylabone and Kong toys because she tears everything else apart in no time at all. She's definitely an aggressive chewer and always has been 

        • What you can do is plug the end of the Kong with peanut butter, fill it with water and a little kibble (or dab a little more peanut butter along the sides) and then freeze it.  The peanut butter keeps the water from leaking out (but I'd put it in a container just in case) and because it's frozen it should take her a while to get through it.

          We used to do that with Riley and she always got excited about leaving time because it meant a Kong treat was coming.  It takes a little planning because it needs a few hours to freeze but if you get it ready every night before you go to bed then it should become routine.

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