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Hey everyone, 

I've been a part of this forum since we got Angus as a baby and he turned 8 years old in July!

I still periodically come back here for food information. That being said my second son was born in January and Angus seems to have had a tougher time adjusting. He has always been a not-so-great eater, but his eating definitely fell off in the last 10 months. He started throwing up regularly (usually bile) and we were at the vet repeatedly to figure out what was going on. The vet felt like he was having indigestion coupled with a faster metabolism so we started giving him prilosec and that helped a little. But we still had issues getting him to eat consistently without encouragement (read: spicing up his food with toppers like yogurt or sweet potato or green beans). But even then he just wasn't eating consistently enough.

Bloodwork showed no issues but they switched us to an LID diet (Hills unfortunately) - after cleaning up barf twice daily for 6 months I was desperate. He actually lost almost 10 lbs in that time due to not eating much and vomiting. He liked the new food and his eating increased (we're doing 3 smaller meals a day now to help him avoid an empty stomach). He seemed to start to gain some weight back and the vomiting has decreased to maybe once a day (some days not at all). We have found the Prilosec helps at night because without it he definitely throws up - I think he has more stomach acid/bile/indigestion when his stomach gets empty which makes him nauseous. 

Well now he's not liking the LID food (it smells like baby poop and barf so I'm not shocked) and it's so expensive we want to switch to a different LID food that has more options for proteins. The vet is on board with this as long as we do it slowly over 6 weeks.

i reviewed the food options and am thinking either Wellness or Canidae LI food - I'm wanting to maybe get to a combination of wet and dry. 

Anyway if you made it this far, thanks so much! I'm just wondering if people have any experience with either of these brands or this issue in general. It's been a long road with Angus. When he was a baby we removed chicken from his diet due to regular tummy issues and that made a world of difference. We've never had this current issue until this year. Historically, he would sometimes wake up in the AM and go throw up bile if he didn't eat much the day before but this is next level. 

thanks in advance for your thoughts! -Pic for added info ;)10891689889?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Wellness makes the best LID food out there, IMO, and that's what I fed Jack after his IBD diagnosis. Wellness Simple Salmon & Potato. 
    However, there is one thing you need to do before you make any food changes. Check with your vet's office as to whether or not a GI panel was done when they did blood work. 
    When Jack first showed signs of IBD (regurgitating, not wanting to eat, losing weight, etc) my vet ran all kinds of tests: bloodwork, Xrays, barium swallows, ultra sounds, etc. and it wasn't until he saw a veterinary internal medicine specialist and they ran a GI panel that we got to the root of the problem. 
    This is a blood test that measures only three things: cobalamin, folate, and somethign called a TLi ratio. It must be sent out, your vet cannot run it in-house, and it takes about a week to get the results. It's also pretty expensive. It cost me $180 just for that one test, and that was back in 2011. But it really needs to be done in order for Angus to get the right treatment. :)

    • Hey Karen,

      Thank you so much for this response! I know I asked what tests were in the panel they ran, but didn't ask about this specific one. I'll give them a call today to find out. If not, it's something we can look into further. I'm guessing that if those indicate concerns we'd need to seek out a GI vet specialist, right?

      I'm going to wait to make any changes until we find this out.

      I'll report back!

      • It would be a veterinary internal medicine specialist, but yes, that would be my advice. Immune mediated diseases like Crohn's in humans and Inflammatory Bowel Disease in dogs do require the expertise of a specialist, because there are so many complex treatment options and components (drugs, diet, probiotics, supplements) and we cannot expect a general practice vet (or human doctor, for that matter) to be UTD on every drug and every new treatment study for every single disease of every single body system. Our children's pediatricians refer us to specialists, and vets ought to be doing that too. :)
        If everything comes back normal, you spent a couple hundred dollars on some peace of mind. And then we'll talk about food. :) 

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